This year, all the December holidays, which we loved so much and always looked forward to, were covered with a thick layer of war.

And that's why the mood is not exactly festive... But it is precisely in this difficult time, when there is so little light on the street and in our houses, that we should light lanterns in our hearts.

And especially in the hearts of their children, who deserve to be happy.

That is why the

writer of the Vivat bestselling publishing house Tetyana Krysyuk

has collected 8 books that will be the best gifts for young readers for the upcoming holidays.

Annette Amrhain "Letter for Christmas", Vivat publishing house

On the eve of Christmas, the little raccoon Puck has only one cherished wish - to receive a letter with his own name on the envelope: "To Puck, the little raccoon."

After all, it is so nice to wait and wait excitedly, and then hold a bright envelope with congratulations to your heart.

But all the letters are sent only to mom and dad, in which the addressees ask to convey sincere congratulations to Pak.

But this is not at all what a raccoon dreams of.

Will he get what he wants this Christmas?

Tiny raccoon spoiler: of course, because Christmas is a time of wonder and good magic.

This book includes two stories: "An Unexpected Letter for Christmas" and "A Wonderful Christmas Carol".

An ideal gift for children aged 6 to 11 and anyone who loves sending letters by post.

Clement Clarke Moore, Steve Richardson "In the evening of the holiday", Time of the Masters publishing house

Every year, polite children and animals receive presents for Christmas.

This has been the case since who knows what time.

So all you need is to try not to work hard for 365 days in a row and wait for the visit of Santa Claus on Christmas night... The task is not easy, but the reward is worth the effort.

"In red clothes from heels to ears,

The casing is abundantly lubricated with soot,

He carries a bag of gifts on his back -

Will he have time to distribute everything?".

This is a cozy poetic book about the most important holiday of the year, the protagonists of which are animals.

And Santa Claus, of course.

After reading it, your children will believe in miracles that can and should be created.

An ideal gift for children aged 3 to 8 years and for anyone who has been well behaved all year.

The Big Book of Fantastic Creatures by Giuseppe D'Anna, Vivat Publishing

This bird has sharp golden claws that shine like precious stones, sharp vision, large fiery wings, thanks to which it soars to the highest peaks... Guess who it is?

Yes, yes, the phoenix is ​​a fantastic bird that is reborn from the ashes, after which it becomes even more beautiful and stronger.

If you are lucky enough to meet him, do not be afraid, bow to him and extend your hand.

Then the phoenix will have a place to settle down and rest.

And if you have a few stalks of lavender or thyme for him in your pockets, you have a chance to find a new winged friend.

"The Big Book of Fantastic Creatures" is a vivid book on the pages of which fifteen fantastic creatures have settled.

Hydra, alicanto, kitsune... Your restless little ones will be delighted, because they will be able to create huge fantastic worlds where only friendship and love reign.

The perfect gift for children aged 3 to 5+ and anyone who isn't afraid to dream.

Halyna Kirpa "Musya and Christmas", Stary Lev Publishing House

Musya the cat has never seen snow in her life, so she is looking forward to the beginning of winter.

Because there are so many holidays in winter - St. Nicholas Day and Christmas... I wonder what this snowball looks like?

And how does it taste?

And one more question: does Saint Nicholas come only to children or to animals as well?

Musa has so much to be excited about.

But when the first snow falls, she will have so many reasons for joy, which will be enough to warm the whole world with the light of her heart.

Well, okay, not the whole world, but the homeless cat Leo for sure. 

This is a cozy little book about holidays, miracles and kindness, which can melt even the thickest ice.

An ideal gift for children aged 6 to 8 years and for everyone who is ready to share the warmth of their heart with their loved ones.

Sylvie Michelin, Fabien Octo Lambert "Christmas in the Big Tree", Vivat publishing house

A family of squirrels lives and thrives on the top of the Great Tree.

Dad, mom and three little squirrels - Balthazar, Melchior and Kaspar.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, Kaspar got lost somewhere.

So the papa squirrel goes in search of him, jumping from branch to branch.

But neither in the dream, nor in the owl family, nor in Ernest the fox is there a little brawler.

Where did he go?

And with him - also Zaza, Eugene, Violetta, Emil and Narcissus?

The answer to this question is hidden in a window on the last page of this wonderful Christmas book.

But, so that you don't worry, we have to say that they were all found.

And dad-squirrel did not scold the fugitives.

Because why scold them, if they decided to take care of the festive mood of all residents of the Big Tree? An ideal gift for children aged 3+ and for everyone who loves to read and look at books with windows.

And Christmas, of course.

A Million Billion Santas by Hiroko Motai, Marika Mayala, Yakaboo Publishing

One Santa Claus is good, but a million billion is much better.

Because then you can sleep peacefully, because on Christmas night everyone will receive their gift.

Once upon a time, when there were few people living on Earth, Santa managed to fly around every house on his own.

But gradually there were more and more people, and he got very tired, and he exhausted his deer.

That is why Santa Claus, that first-first-born, asked God to make Santa two.

And God fulfilled the request of his earthly helper.

But, here's the trouble, Santa has shrunk by half.

And now just imagine the size of a million billion Santa Clauses... Shouldn't tiny Santas turn to adults for help?

Of course, it's worth it, which they did.

But what came of it?

An ideal gift for children aged 3 to 8 years and for anyone who is ready to become Santa's helper.

Miriam Mann, Pina Gertenbach "The Commotion at Christmas School", Vivat Publishing

A Christmas school was lurking in the far North.

This is a school where there is no mathematics or science.

But there is something like music - singing songs and something like labor training - tying a bow.

Usually, everything goes according to plan at the Christmas School, but this year Santa Claus got into trouble (why did the fisherman give up on him).

That's why there's a commotion at school, because Winnie the elf, Leon the angel, and Romeo the reindeer will now have to save not only Sana, but also Christmas.

But is it up to them?

Don't panic: this trio has a great plan.

And even if everything goes wrong, they will laugh and hug.

And they will certainly dance around the Christmas tree.

With Santa Claus, of course.

An ideal gift for children aged 3 to 5 years and for anyone who believes in Santa Claus.

Friederun Reichenstetter, Alisa Kaelin "A Christmas mouse in a winter wonderland. Advent calendar", Vivat publishing house

You are probably already familiar with at least one Christmas elf, Christmas gnome or Christmas deer.

How about meeting the Christmas Mouse?

A mouse that helps Santa organize Christmas.

But this year he went somewhere.

And what is Christmas without Santa Claus?

Therefore, our furry heroine goes in search of him.

What awaits her in this difficult journey?

And a snowy desert, and an acquaintance with a polar owl, and many more interesting and sometimes difficult adventures-tests.

Because, unfortunately, it is impossible to find a lost Santa in one night.

"A Christmas Mouse in a Winter Wonderland" is a wonderful advent calendar, thanks to which Christmas will become familiar and cozy for your children, like a mother's hug.

An ideal gift for children aged 3 to 5 years and for everyone who is ready to meet the Christmas Mouse.

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