"My Hero Academia Season 6" protagonists Midoriya Izuku (right) and Shigaraki Hang are deadly rivals.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] The popular Japanese animation "My Hero Academia Season 6" has entered into a hot plot. The protagonist "Midoriya Izuku" voice actor Daiki Yamashita, and the leader of the alliance with the enemy "Shigara Kyo" voice actor Uchiyama Ang Hui Shuangshuang said that starting from this season, every time he enters the dubbing room, he is in a state of fierce battle. No matter how many lines are spoken that day, after the work is completed, he will feel exhausted, unreserved and hearty.

Yamashita Daiki said: "This journey is not easy. Although it has been 6 years since the first season, in the timeline of the animation, Green Valley and his classmates have not yet entered the second grade!" In a review screen, I accidentally heard my own voice from 6 years ago. Yamashita Daihui exclaimed: "My voice is so young!" Uchiyama Aunghui said: "I think this is very good, from the initial jerky to the current familiarity , we use the changes in our own lives to set off the growth of the characters."

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My Hero Academia Season 6 poster.

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In order not to let himself be affected by the next plot, Yamashita Daihui said: "From this season on, I only understand the development of the story based on the progress of the script, because in addition to the wonderful battle scenes, the reason why the important characters of the opposing sides are fighting It is also intertwined with it, building a complex and macro world, no longer just taking the student who wants to be a hero as the main axis of the story, allowing the audience to peek into the heart of the enemy."

Uchiyama Aung Hui said: "From the beginning of "My English Season 6", the rhythm was so tight that people couldn't stop. After several months of postoperative coma, Niigaragi awakened with unusually powerful power. That feeling It’s like waking up and the whole world is in flames of war. When dubbing, he is often reminded by the director that his brain is still in a state of chaos. This feeling of being out of tune with the outside world is a wonderful experience that he has never had before.”

In order to show the huge group war, the crew found a larger recording studio than before, so that many voice actors can perform together, so that the two sides in the hostile camp can understand each other's emotions better when performing. The common speech is: "Exhausted, as if the strength of the whole body has been hollowed out, but it has also witnessed that both the good and the evil have experienced a lot of tempering and growth."

"My Hero Academia Season 6" is on the shelves of major Ani-One platforms, including KKTV, Hami Video, Chunghwa Telecom MOD, friDay Video, MyVideo, LINE TV, CATCHPLAY+, and is updated every Saturday.

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