[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Xia Yutong and Sun Xiezhi have been in a low-key relationship for more than 3 years. Although they have been directly accused of dating many times, they still call each other "good friends". Said it was cute, and insisted that she post it on Facebook. In fact, the "photographer"'s real name is Sun Xiezhi, and he is basically a boyfriend's perspective.

Sun Xiezhi (right) and Xia Yutong.

(file photo)

Xia Yutong uploaded a side photo of her eating curry rice with her mouth open. It was taken by the person next to her. She was not very satisfied with the composition of this photo, but she uploaded it anyway. She said, "The photographer kept saying that this photo is very natural and cute. PO fans, but I really think...is it a bit too...natural?" She revealed that she first put the photos on her private account to seek support from the stratosphere, but she didn't expect everyone to say they looked good, so she had to really post them Post this photo, "Look at everyone's comments, and you can know whether those who agreed are good friends."

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Xia Yutong's PO meal photo was taken by Sun Xiezhi, and the two flashed.

(Flipping Facebook)

She didn't say who the photographer was from the beginning to the end, but netizens said directly that "Xiezhichao knows how to take pictures", "In his eyes, you are cute no matter what", "Xiezhi took great pictures", "Xiezhichao knows how to take pictures, It made Yutong more beautiful." Xia Yutong liked it with a smiling face, and indirectly admitted that the photo was taken by her boyfriend Sun Xiezhi. She also said: "Well, after reading everyone's comments, I can only say thank you! The photographer is very proud .”

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