[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Wang Xiaofei and the "big S" Xu Xiyuan divorced and caused money disputes. Now it is getting bigger and bigger. Zhang Lan said live that the house where the big S lived was bought by Wang Xiaofei, and the big S couldn't bear it. "Aixinjueluo "Wang", showing Wang Xiaofei's handwritten IOU and her own expenses for buying a house to slap Zhang Lan in the face.

The 26 million IOU written by Wang Xiaofei was ridiculed by netizens as ugly as a fifth grader in elementary school. They were also questioned whether it was effective to write it by hand. They even criticized her for borrowing money from her husband and asking for an IOU. Attorney Ba Mao Facebook explained in detail that as long as there are three elements, the IOU must be valid.

Big S (left) and Wang Xiaofei.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Lawyer Ba Mao wrote on Facebook, "If Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan hadn't been making troubles, we wouldn't have so much material to do French pop. Few people can provide so much French pop material after a divorce. Thank you so much." Then he said that some people questioned that the IOU was written so sloppily, as if it was written randomly, is it really effective?

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She explained that the IOU should commend the existence of the "loan contract". In fact, there is no requirement that the loan contract must be in writing. It is just that if the other party owes the money and does not pay back the debt, it is better to have evidence to deal with it, and the IOU does not. What kind of form is specified, as long as the IOU can show that both parties have established a loan contract.

Wang Xiaofei's handwritten IOU is so scribbled that it makes people dumbfounded.

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Lawyer Bamao suggested, "There are still three key points in the IOU, including first, who is the borrower and the borrower; second, how much money was borrowed and the exact amount; When do you want to pay it back?" Judging from the above three points, Wang Xiaofei's IOU is clearly written, so this IOU is absolutely valid. She also praised Wang Xiaofei as "really great, let me respectfully call Wang Zi a little hero" .

As for Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan's quarreling, within 3 days she must have shrunk her hands. She said sourly, "Listen to someone who is so rich! Xiaofei, you should listen to what your ex-wife says, okay?"

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