Although Big S (left) and Wang Xiaofei have divorced, they still talk about it constantly.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] "Big S" Xu Xiyuan's ex-husband Wang Xiaofei's mother, Zhang Lan, once interviewed domineeringly said in the past: "Xiaofei can be said to be a royal child, he is a descendant of Aixinjue Luojin, so Zheng Huangqi , Maybe he has that blood in his bones." More proudly said: "I am a nobleman, and the whole area of ​​Qianmen Dashilan in Beijing used to belong to our family." This sentence has also become a topic of ridicule by Internet celebrity Chen Yi.

Chen Yi joked on Facebook on the 4th: "Seeing that Aixinjueluo Wang is doing this with his aunt Zhang Lan, I really think that girls who have money should not marry casually." He insinuated that the big S married a mother, and finally endured it Divorce, and all kinds of settlements, "No one will bear to live broadcast your private affairs all day long."

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Big S once revealed in the variety show "Happy Trio" that Zhang Lan said when she saw S's mother for the first time: "Our family is Manchu, Xiaofei will trouble you to take care of me." Although she is down, S's mother is not Fuel-efficient lamps, coldly replied: "Sister Lan, I'm sorry! I don't understand, our family just doesn't satisfy people!" Now it sounds really like a secret choke.

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