Lady Teacher Dance On Bhojpuri Song:

Videos related to dance often go viral on the internet.

Recently, a video has surfaced of a teacher dancing in the classroom, seeing which you too will be surprised.

In the video, a teacher dressed in saree is seen dancing on Bhojpuri songs in front of the children.

After the video surfaced, people are giving different reactions on it.

While watching the video, some users are demanding to suspend the teacher in the comment section. 

watch video here

Why didn't we get such a teacher in childhood 🥲❤️

- Life is beautiful !

(@Gulzar_sahab) December 2, 2022

As such, videos of teachers and students often go viral on the Internet, in some of which teachers are seen teaching students in a unique way. When they come, sometimes they are seen in a mood of fun with them.

Recently one such video has surfaced.

In the video, a female teacher wearing a saree is seen dancing fiercely inside the classroom, along with which small children can also be seen dancing.

In the video, a teacher is seen dancing fiercely on the Bhojpuri song 'Patli Kamariya Mori' in the classroom. 

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the handle named @Gulzar_sahab.

This video has got 300.7K views so far, while more than 8 thousand people have liked this video.

Users are giving different reactions after watching the video.

One user wrote, 'Why didn't we get such a teacher in our childhood.'

People are trolling this teacher a lot on social media.

Some users wrote that, 'It does not suit a teacher to dance in class like this.

However, some people have also praised the video and are calling it a personal matter of the teacher.

At the same time, another user wrote, 'This teacher should be suspended immediately.'

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