After opening his mouth for an interview, Mr. Naphat realized that the response was very good.

There are cheerleaders

So I posted IG to say thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart...oh

It's like speaking on stage at a wedding!

Knowing the results of the ultrasound

Weir-Sukolwat with Vicky-Pemonya

Come to the answer on the YouTube channel.

In which the father said, "The first child is a daughter"...

It means that there must be a 2nd 3rd person following.

I already knew that I had a "daughter", but Khun Pa Weir-Sukolwat

Just got Mamy Vicky shaving his beard until it's completely clean!!...Oh!

And like this, does your father have to come back and grow a new mustache?

Went to my girlfriend's beach house before Nadech posted a picture of climbing a coconut tree.

and a picture with Yaya by writing a caption

“Juggling monkeys”...probably meant a picture of a couple rather than a picture of climbing a tree, hehe.

Cheerleaders have a hey after Matt-Phiranee posted a message that invites suspicion.

Love has problems

But recently, someone saw a girl, Matt, who was still busy working in Khao Yai near P'Song. It was him...

Eh, who's howling?