"Mae Chomafai" has arrived... "Mae Chomafai" ready to serve "entertainment news" at Bud Now

  • On the verge of becoming a "mommy", Sarah Holer flaunts her big pregnant belly.

    Ready to make a heart-shaped hand that has a round belly.

    Wrote a touching message that "Life is a beautiful gift #36thbirthday" What a huge and precious birthday gift...but the one who stole the scene of the mother's belly was the ring "ring finger" on the left hand.

  • After having to take a break for almost 3 years because of COVID-19

    Come today, Sia Tuk-Sombat Charoen set Nawadi, the boss of THE GREAT MUSIC camp, preparing to return to the entertainment industry again.

    Sending the album set "Kod Fun" of two brothers

    Somwang-Thaeng, come to FC to listen to each other, ready to officially launch at a big concert in the middle of this month.

    Contact for the show, call Bangyai Organizer.


  • Major Cineplex Group, Thailand's representative, co-hosted the event "CineAsia 2022" between 5-8 December 2022 at the Icon Cineconic Theater and True Icon Hall. The red carpet is led by creators, directors and actors such as Mo-Amena, August-Wachirawit, Artie-Thanachat, Pao-Kingkan, Anna Suea Ngam Iam, Namtan-Chalita, Nat-Aniporn, etc. join the event

    On Monday, December 5, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at Napalai Terrace, 7th floor, ICONSIAM.

Pannamjai - Mesinee Wisitnoraphat, Marketing Director, Livemate, RS Livewell Company Limited, affiliated with RS Group, together with Tok Tak A4 donated 1,000 kilograms of dog and cat food. for The Voice Foundation

(Voice from us) with Kae Chollada Mekratri as the recipient of the gift at The Voice Foundation, Chatuchak District, Bangkok the day before.

  • "True Visions" brings back the medical industry in "Poong, The Joseon Psychiatris" starring Kim Min Jae-Kim Hyang Ki.

    with the story of a royal doctor like "Yuse Pung" who uses medical abilities to help villagers

    but was chased by the royal soldiers

    Finally, how will you end up with a young widow "Seo Eun Woo"? Follow up every Monday – Tuesday at 8:00 PM, starting December 12 on True Visions, True Korean More Channel (141, 238).

  • Turned to invade the movie business line.

    "Maple-Patchuda" opens a movie label "Vela Entertainment" (Vela Entertainment), aiming to export quality Thai movies to the world market.

    Gather all 6 movies to fly to the "American Film Market" event in the United States.

    received a better response than expected

    Makes Maple's heart flutter!

    Have a pile of encouragement, ready to move on.

  • Oink, oink, the concert ended but the "drama" didn't end!

    After the Perth-Virinsara case

    Was selected as a "Lucky Fan" in the "Jackson Wang Magic Man World Tour 2022" concert, but back and forth, a drama "Locky Fan" was cursed and abused by Channel One 31, jumping to protect the children under the jurisdiction.

    Sift a letter of clarification and "threaten" anyone who scolds so hard will sue!!

    Make it sneaky!

    I'm not happy with the post with hashtags #Ban Channel One and #Locky fans until they are trending all day and overnight...oh my head is going to bulge...oops!

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