Sprite has undergone surgery many times and never hesitated to share her experience. She woke up a few days ago and found bruises on her cheeks (right).

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Internet celebrity "Sprite" Fang Qiyuan has the title of "erotic leader". She has never shy away from talking about plastic surgery, revealing that she has almost moved her whole body and has spent millions so far.

Sprite revealed on the 4th that she found her cheeks sore when she got up together. She shared that she had sequelae due to nose surgery, and said, "Thanks to my ex-boyfriends for your understanding." I woke up with a sore face, what was I doing yesterday...fortunately, I didn’t hit the place where the plastic surgery was done.”

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Immediately afterwards, Sprite laughed and said that she was snoring loudly, "Because the surgically operated nose has scar tissue, it is easy to snore, 80% of them will snore, and I will do it 4 times, thanks to my previous boyfriends for their understanding." Emphasizing that she is I really think it is necessary and think clearly before going for plastic surgery. I bluntly say that this is surgery. You must think carefully before performing surgery, and do your homework carefully to think clearly about what is suitable for you.

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