The popular new smart watches launched by the five major brands recently have their own thoughtful designs for the niche market.

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As the usage rate of smart watches is getting higher and higher, the overall market is also becoming fragmented. For example, this year, Apple launched a new generation of Apple Watch for the first time as many as 3 new products at a time. It is obvious that they want to eat all sizes. The same is true for other brands. , cut out different product lines one after another.

This article sorts out the popular new smart watches recently launched by 5 major brands, understands the functional differences, and makes it easy to get started without stepping on thunder!

➤ Indicator 1: Apple watchOS, or Google Wear OS?

The first selection of smart watches focuses on the compatibility between the system and the mobile phone. At present, the two mainstreams are Apple watchOS and Google Wear OS. In the past, there was Samsung Tizen OS, but since last year, it has cooperated with Google and switched to Wear OS.

The watchOS of the Apple Watch can only be used with the iPhone.

Google-led Wear OS focuses on the Android mobile phone camp. All businesses can develop and add custom functions based on this system. Therefore, there are also brands of smart watches that use Wear OS, but support iOS, but Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5 series, Google Neither Pixel Watch is compatible with iOS.

Both watchOS and Wear OS focus on the extension of the iOS and Android ecosystems, turning the smart watch into a second mobile phone, such as downloading apps through the app store, or displaying map navigation directly on the watch.

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The compatibility of the smart watch system with the mobile phone is very important.

Pictured is the Google Pixel Watch.

➤Indicator 2: In addition to blood oxygen, body temperature detection is also popular!

Health management has become an important part of smart watches. Sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen, and fall detection are all common functions nowadays. Due to the epidemic situation in the past two years, blood oxygen measurement has once become a hot topic.

These health data are one of the main reasons for highlighting the differentiation of smart watches. If you have a high demand for related functions, you must compare them carefully.

In addition, body temperature detection is a new health trend of smart watches. For example, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are also equipped for the first time. Using body temperature changes during sleep allows women to track menstrual periods and estimate ovulation days, but it cannot be used to Measure fever.

It is especially important to note that no matter which brand of smart watch, the health results obtained can only be used as a reference and are not for medical use.

Health management is an important requirement of smart watches.

The picture shows the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

➤Indicator 3: Sports tracking, but also GPS, waterproof function.

Not only health monitoring, but also sports tracking is the focus of smart watches. The basic sports modes include walking, cycling, running, swimming, etc. Although major manufacturers continue to use the "number" of support modes as a selling point, some brands even have hundreds of them. species, but as long as it conforms to your own exercise habits, you don't have to worry about the quantity.

Furthermore, the presence or absence of built-in GPS and waterproof capability are very important for sports training.

Aiming at extreme outdoor and professional sports are new business opportunities in the market. Garmin is a representative brand in this field. Although Apple and Samsung also launched special models to compete this year, the overall functions of Garmin are relatively complete.

The built-in exercise mode of the smart watch can only be in line with personal habits, and there is no need to pursue the quantity.

The picture shows Garmin VENU SQ 2 GPS.

The smart watch is aimed at professional sports groups and combines training modes.

The picture shows the Apple Apple Watch Ultra.

➤Indicator 4: Appearance, screen size, calls, battery life, EasyCard

Many consumers will consider appearance, screen size, battery life, etc. when purchasing; the surface design is usually round or square, and the advantage of a larger screen size is that it can display more text at a time, and it will be easier to receive notifications such as LINE It is easy to read, so some women also prefer large case styles.

Endurance has always been the fatal injury of smart watches. Many models have to be charged once in one and a half days or two days, which is an unavoidable shortcoming. As for other special functions, including direct calls, built-in Easy Card, etc., it also depends on the individual. Demand selection.

The popularity of smart watches is getting higher and higher, and the market is also developing towards fragmentation.

The picture shows Fitbit Sense 2.

"Popular New Smart Watch"

◎Apple Watch SE/Series 8/Ultra

Apple's new generation of Apple Watch is divided into three models: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra, with clear positioning.

Apple Watch SE does not emphasize health functions and is suitable for young students. Apple Watch Ultra focuses on professional sports and has the highest price. Apple Watch Series 8 is positioned for the general public; but no matter which one, it has the latest car accident detection function.

Apple Watch SE starts at 7,900 yuan / Apple Watch Series 8 starts at 12,900 yuan / Apple Watch Ultra starts at 25,900 yuan.

◎Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/5 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is divided into standard and Pro versions, both of which are equipped with the Wear OS system, and the operation interface is similar.

Among them, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is specially designed for outdoor sports, with a rougher appearance and an enlarged battery of 590 mAh. The biggest feature is that it supports the import of GPX format, which can be imported into pre-planned sports routes for round-trip navigation. For climbers It is especially practical, reducing the risk of getting lost and guiding the original path back to the starting point.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 starts at 8,990 yuan / Galaxy Watch 5 Pro starts at 15,990 yuan.

◎Google Pixel Watch

Fitbit, a subsidiary of Google, was acquired. Pixel Watch is Google's first "biological" smart watch. Fitbit health and fitness functions, with heart rate monitoring and tracking, as well as various functions such as stress management and emergency rescue; the function of fall detection will be added later.

Google Pixel Watch starts at 10,900 yuan.

◎Fitbit Sense 2

Although Google Pixel Watch combines Fitbit's health and fitness functions, Fitbit is the first choice for the most complete experience, such as high or low heart rate notifications, blood oxygen measurement, etc. The two brands are differentiated.

Fitbit is currently launching the Sense 2, the highest-end new smart watch in Taiwan.

Fitbit Sense 2 is priced at 8,990 yuan.

◎Garmin VENU SQ 2 GPS

Garmin has a good reputation in the field of professional sports smart watches. VENU SQ 2 GPS is a popular watch model. Compared with the first generation, the screen is 17% larger and the power is also increased by 83%.

Added the "Instant Health Express" function, which enables immediate 2-minute per-second data recording, real-time analysis to provide complete physical health data.

Support Easy Card payment, suitable for commuters.

Garmin VENU SQ 2 GPS is priced at 7,990 yuan, and another music version is 8,990 yuan, which is connected to Spotify, KKBOX, MyMusic and other platforms.

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