The cold December wind blows again

Reminiscent of one of Thailand's most profoundly handsome male protagonists

The quick comer took away his life at the age of only 23 years late at night on Thursday, October 1, 1987 in a car accident.

while he was preparing to play the role of "Kobori" in the movie "Khuo Karma" with the heroine who loved him at that time "Jintara Sukphat" while being a model-actress

He was glorious and far away, but the days of the "Little Angel" were too short.

"New-Atip Thongchinda" or in the former name

“Wichian-Montian Sukchindathong Thongsukjinda”, a young scorpion from Muang Chon

Heading to the city to seek luck with a gold necklace weighing 1 baht along with a dear friend, life friend named "Wang"

Destiny led him to meet with

"Young Sek-Seksan Chaijaroen" grabbed a photo shoot for "Tung" magazine, where she took a photo of Tensoplast plaster advertisement as her breakthrough work and many others. Later, New appeared on the cover. Almost every fashion magazine in Thailand

Entered the movie industry in 1985, starting with the first story "Song Phi Nong" of "Jazz Siam" paired with

"Amphon-Jintara" followed by "Cadet Soi Dao" together with "Leelawadee Watcharobol"

1986 "Two Dozen Twenty-Five" with "Cherry Thammiksakul", "Rak Noi Na" with Marsha Wattanapanich, 1987 "Until I Knew" and ended my life in October of that year.

If he was still alive today, December 10, 2022, New would have turned 58 years old.

I can say with full life that "Atip Thongchinda" is both a hero and one of the most "extremely handsome" models in Thailand ever.

I miss the new one too much...yes.

"Dr. Sathtanik Julmanee".