The well-known composer Chen Yang, famous for his music such as "Lu Binghua" and "Osmanthus Alley", died of illness in early November at the age of 66.

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[Central News Agency] The well-known composer Chen Yang, famous for his music such as "Lu Binghua" and "Osmanthus Alley", died of illness in early November at the age of 66.

Musician Ma Shifang posted a condolence message on Facebook, which aroused the mourning and remembrance of many people in the arts and culture circles and music lovers.

Chen Yang has been recognized by Golden Tripod, Golden Horse, Golden Bell, Golden Melody and other awards for many times, and is known as "Forever Music Naughty Boy". In 2015, he won the Golden Melody Award Special Contribution Award.

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When Chen Yang was interviewed during his lifetime, he said that although God covered his right ear, he planted the seeds of music in his soul and let him spend his whole life with music.

He said that music is a way of life. He understands music through his life and makes music enrich his life. Music is always changing. He is satisfied in the changes and gets everything he needs. He also hopes to use music to let more people get Satisfy.

Chen Yang was born in 1956. He was deaf in his right ear when he was born, but he loves music very much. He started to learn piano at the age of 5, wrote commercial songs for "China Strong Sneakers" at the age of 8, and published "Chen Yang's Piano Works Collection" at the age of 15. A presentation was held at Zhongshan Hall.

In 1974, Chen Yang was admitted to the Western Music Group of the Music Department of Cultural University, and then went to the United States for further studies. In 1983, he won the Golden Tripod Award at the "Happy China Festival". , popular and movies, and created many popular hits.

In terms of film soundtrack, Chen Yang acted as the soundtrack for Chen Kunhou's movie "Marriage" in 1985, and won the Golden Horse Award for Best Original Music Award for the first time. The wind is desolate, like weeping like complaining, and the theme song of Pan Yueyun's lead singer spreads all over the streets and alleys.

In 1989, he composed the soundtrack for the movie "Lu Binghua", which was adapted from Zhong Zhaozheng's work, and won the Golden Horse Award for Best Film Interlude. The melody of "Lu Binghua" became a household name.

In the same year, Chen Yang arranged the music for "Love to the Highest Point" (the original composer is Cao Junhong) sung by pop singer Wu Sikai. The rich harmony and surging rhythm won him the Golden Melody Award for Best Arrangement.

In addition, Chen Yang often cooperates with important domestic art groups, including Zhu Zongqing Percussion Orchestra, Green Light Theater Troupe and Cloud Gate Dance Theater, etc., and his works have been widely acclaimed.

Chen Yang is currently living in Shenkeng Nursing Home due to his poor health in recent years. Chen Zhongshen, the winner of the National Literature and Art Award, once held a concert in October this year to pay tribute to Chen Yang. When Chen Zhongshen accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Central News Agency Said: "Over the years, Chen Yang's music is not only not old, but the melody is still vivid and beautiful."

Chen Yang never gave up his love for music all his life, devoted himself to music work for decades, silently composed countless moving songs and movements with his life, and left beautiful memories for a whole generation.

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