• As soon as the Prince-Princess of Wales

    arrived in America

    Duke and Duchess of Sussex

    Surprise teaser released for Netflix series The Secret Behind the Door with personal shots

    Why did the couple look for privacy until they had to move to another country?

    Where would you like to be The Kardashians?

  • Went to London to make news for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Two famous hosts from Good Morning America Amy Robash-TJ Holm each rose to sign the divorce papers with their spouse at home.

    You don't have to dig around to know that they've already paired with each other.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Invites His Best Friend Tobey Maguire to Party on a $150 Million Yacht with Hundreds of Models

  • Elon Musk wants Twitter to be a free speech space, but can't stand his bipolar ex-pal Kanye West, who posted a picture of a Nazi logo claiming to be used for another two years' campaign.

  • Walking the red carpet, launching a new movie, Emancipation, for the first time in the media after giving out children at the Oscars.

    Although the roles in the movie are performed very well, many fans are still unable to cope with the violence on stage.

  • After his teeth fell out in a bicycle accident, Simal Cowell vowed to never have another facial surgery.

    Because I can hardly remember my own face, plus my 8-year-old son is very afraid of new faces.

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