Officers of the Chief State Traffic Police Department detected and detained a driver who was driving a car without a license plate and was carrying a large amount of drugs in the trunk.

APA reports that the Ministry of Internal Affairs released information about this.

Officers Vugar Gasimov and Khayal Alakbarov of the Chief State Traffic Police Department No. 729 in Sabirabad stopped Safarov, son of Zafar Hagverdi, born in 1976, who was driving a VAZ - 21015 car without license plate.

That person was invited to the post because he did not have a driver's license and a power of attorney for the car.

As there were reasonable suspicions that the driver had consumed alcohol, he was checked using a breathalyzer.

At that time, it was determined that he was drunk.

As the driver behaved suspiciously, the car was inspected and a large amount of drugs were found in the cargo area and handed over to the relevant authorities.

The fact is being investigated.