Artist-in-residence Wang Zhaoqian curated "Impossible Possibilities - Working Documents Exhibition" in the artist's most familiar dressing room.

(Photo by Kris Kang, provided by Liangtingyuan)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Since the Art Base Project started in 2014, the two halls have expanded from focusing on "resident artists" with creative expertise to the "Art Administration Internship Program" that focuses on in-depth implementation in various departments, and Interested in industry trends, brave to put forward opinions and willing to try the "Gap Year Two Halls Grand Tour Plan", etc., to cultivate the next generation of theater participants.

The "Open Studio", which combines "artists in residence" and "Gap Year" talents, held a two-day event last weekend (December 3 and 4), attracting many audiences to buy tickets and enter the venue to see what's going on.

The open studio consists of 3 resident artists Wang Zhaoqian, Zhan Jie, Huang Yuqing and 6 Gap Year members Wang Yongwei, He Yiyu, Chen Ziyu, Ke Zhaoming, Hong Ziyu, and Chen Hongjun. As the title, through exhibitions, performances, drama readings and other forms, using atypical performance spaces in the two halls, such as parking lots, clothing production rooms, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, etc., to condense and present the thinking of this year, and invite the audience to start from Explore the innermost layer and open the two halls from another angle.

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Among them, the artist-in-residence for two years will use venue resources and networks to conduct cross-regional exchanges, promote cooperation and invite performance opportunities for works, and present stage results and future work plans through open studios.

In the 2022 Gap Year Tour of the Two Halls, six members from different fields explored the question "What is happening in the two halls?" a year ago, and shared their gains through open work. room to share.

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