Sandy is 8 months pregnant, and recently asked "Little Star's Follower" to take leave of absence to raise her baby.

(Reposted from Wu Shanru IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] "Sandy" Wu Shanru asked for leave from "Little Star's Follower" a few days ago. She was 8 months pregnant and was preparing to raise a baby and wait for delivery. Wu Zongxian hired "E-level goddess" Lin Xiang to replace her. Yesterday (2) I wrote "Wait for me when I come back" on the community, and mentioned "7 key points" to clear up the confusion for everyone.

Wu Shanru posted an emotional message on IG yesterday, ""Little Star" I will miss you so so so so much. Wait for me to come back." Then he issued 7 key points, mentioning "Don't worry, "Little Star's Big Follower" "The little star just asked for leave. The substitute host also needs everyone's support and love", I hope fans can support Lin Xiang.

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Sandy announced 7 key points for everyone not to worry.

(Reposted from Wu Shanru IG)

Wu Shanru also expressed her gratitude to all her inclusive and considerate work partners, and joked: "The weight is not guaranteed to come back, people will come back." And this time, Lin Xiang will take over her hosting role, which also makes people wonder what sparks will burst out, Lin Xiang A few days ago, he also said confidently: "Xiao Xiang will work hard, thank you Brother Xian for giving me the opportunity."

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