On December 7 at 00:08, Mercury will enter the sign of Capricorn and will help to bring order in the information space, set goals and decide on a plan to achieve them.

Rationality, concentration, foresight contribute to the solution of any issues.

On December 8, at 06:08, the full moon in Gemini activates the sphere of communications, Neptune goes into direct motion, which will favorably affect the events taking place.

From this day on, people become more mobile, open to interaction and exchange of information, show prudence in business.

On December 10 at 05:54, Venus begins its transit through Capricorn, during this period it is easier to implement serious projects, build business relationships, and find a compromise on financial issues.

Moderation and a certain restraint of the emotional and sensual sphere can create very favorable conditions for romantic relationships.

From December 11, the opposition of Pluto and the Black Moon is formed, which contributes to the emergence of gloomy thoughts.

An emotionally difficult period begins, the level of external tension increases, the public mood from this day and throughout the second decade of December is very anxious.

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Now you are not in the mood for romance and adventure, it is time to take care of routine matters in detail.

The universe feels you are limited in significant areas of life.

Reason and discipline rule, and stubbornness becomes your second name.

Do not be surprised if the boss reprimands you, even if your mistakes are not so critical - do not take his words to heart.

Avoid impulsive decisions and hasty conclusions, very soon everything in your life will change for the better.


You should rely only on your own experience and common sense, and not on the advice of others.

People who misjudge not only the current situation, but also you will be especially willing to give advice.

You may suddenly feel a chill in your relationships with friends and loved ones or think about the fact that your loved one no longer brings you the former bright emotions.

Don't give in to such thoughts, it's just a week when the rational prevails over the emotional.


Take care of your health, do not overeat, if possible avoid places with large crowds.

You will have to look for hidden reserves in your budget.

The stars are sure that you will succeed, and recommend putting aside at least part of what you find - these savings will come in handy "for a rainy day".

But it is better to postpone shopping for a while.

The week is favorable for creative work, finding non-standard solutions, as well as closing a bureaucratic issue that has long prevented you from sleeping peacefully.


It is necessary to act quickly, because due to your slowness, you risk not taking advantage of the favorable opportunities of this period.

And they will not last forever.

If you want the day to turn out well, you will have to show flexibility and make concessions to loved ones.

Don't argue with your parents, turn a blind eye to your significant other's small sins, ignore pins from friends, and don't attach much importance to comments on social media.


In the financial sphere, you can trust your intuition.

If you have recently accumulated a lot of questions that do not have an unequivocal answer, then you should forget about logic for a while and make decisions that your feelings tell you.

During the week, your ability to see and use what previously went unnoticed will be more relevant than ever.

Now is the time when you should have really great ideas.

It will not be easy to implement them, but you should not give up on what you have planned.


During this period, be ready to understand the intricacies of the problems of your loved ones, there is a high probability that they will not be able to do without your advice and help.

Try to understand the problem before you start commenting on it, ask in more detail how the situation developed.

Additional tasks may be assigned to you at work, but this will improve your financial situation.

A lot depends on you in the near future.

The stars strongly advise to do sports, drink a course of vitamins.


This is a good time to try to implement your plan earlier than you planned.

This will be especially evident in the business sphere: remember old plans and try to implement them.

If old ideas do not appeal to you, there is a high probability that new ideas about your work will appear.

An event that may seem insignificant at first glance can initiate major changes in life.

Refrain from drinking alcohol and the desire to dissipate, in the evenings warm yourself with hot tea, not mulled wine.


It is possible that you will have to quickly understand and make decisions.

Intuition tips will help you avoid mistakes.

From the point of view of personal relationships, the week is favorable.

Choose a day and organize an evening of memories: tell how you felt when you saw each other for the first time, how you looked forward to the first date, what the first kiss was like.

If you are still single, you can count on sincere compliments from members of the opposite sex, and perhaps a new romantic relationship will be established.


The week is suitable for starting something new.

Even if no one will help you and give you advice, you will quickly understand how to act better and find the shortest way to the goal.

This time will also be favorable for solving financial issues.

Probable favorable agreements, successful purchases.

Be prepared for the fact that loved ones will ask you to borrow a sum of money.

The psychological atmosphere of this period promotes maximum warmth in relationships with people dear to your heart.


Direct all the energy this week to the implementation of plans.

It is worth listening to the advice of loved ones, wise partners, even if their opinion goes against yours.

This is especially true when making important decisions about large purchases or expenses.

Confidence will appear that you are loved and appreciated.

Don't hesitate to ask for help, be sure you will get everything you are missing so much right now.

Be open and honest, and the week will turn out much better than you expected.


The week is suitable for closing the issue of a big purchase that you have been putting off for a long time.

A good period of decision-making, especially when it comes to the purchase of furniture or household appliances.

In relationships with other people, try not to show your vulnerable sides, but you should not listen to other people's complaints and problems.

Do not waste your talent on trifles, take on the most difficult of the accumulated issues - you will definitely solve them.

Try to avoid finding out about relationships with members of the opposite sex.


Take on something new or revive a stagnant project.

Once you get involved in the work, you will quickly find your way and understand how to proceed.

You will be amazed at the quick and effective results.

Even if no one will help you and give you advice, you will quickly understand how to act better and find the shortest way to the goal.

This time will also be favorable for solving financial issues.

Probable favorable agreements, successful purchases, long trips, business trips.

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