The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Municipal Government held the Taiwan Reading Festival, and Mayor Huang Weizhe had fun with the children.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] Not affected by the epidemic, the cumulative number of books borrowed by public libraries in Tainan has grown again this year, and has exceeded 8.71 million volumes. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Municipal Government holds a series of activities for the Taiwan Reading Festival, including story carnivals and youth coffee bars , and the mysterious Santa Claus, etc., hoping to increase the popularity and let the public experience a diverse reading life.

The annual "Taiwan Reading Festival in Tainan" series of activities has been launched one after another. This year, with the theme of "Reading is the most abundant harvest", the Cultural Affairs Bureau has designed different parent-child units according to the needs of different age groups, inviting friends of all ages to participate .

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The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Municipal Government organizes the Taiwan Reading Festival. This year, the theme is "Reading is the Most Rich Harvest". Mayor Huang Weizhe invites friends and adults to participate.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

Mayor Huang Weizhe celebrated the Taiwan Reading Festival with friends from all over the world at the Mandu Plaza on B1 of the new main building today. Cultural Bureau Director Ye Zeshan, Librarian Hong Yuzhen, Yongkang District Mayor Chen Shengnan, and Councilor Li Zhenguo were all present.

Huang Weizhe said that the Reading Festival is a nationwide series of activities. It is more exciting and more diverse in Tainan. It connects 43 libraries in the city. Through reading, you can also exchange for souvenirs and participate in the lottery. Everyone is invited to come together.

Ye Zeshan said that this year's reading festival series kicked off with the "Mysterious Santa Claus", which gathered 400 groups of families. Through reading, they served as each other's mysterious Santa Claus, shared and exchanged mysterious picture books together, and read gifts in blessings.

In order to encourage citizens to read, the "Reading Passport" was simultaneously launched in four libraries including the New Main Library, Park Main Library, Xushi Music Library and Yancheng Library today. If you borrow 5 books at the same time, you can get 1 passport stamp , when you collect 10 pieces, you will receive a lucky draw ticket.

Ye Zeshan mentioned that the Christmas forest in Yuezhi Forest Park is being arranged in full swing. There are 100 Christmas trees, the density of which is the highest in the country. Citizens and friends are invited to participate in the lighting ceremony on the 10th of this month, to listen to the live performance of the 400-member Wind Orchestra, and to Visit the Xiyue Market and enjoy the warm festive atmosphere.

This year's Reading Festival series also includes the "Little Librarian Comes to Be the Home" activity, allowing children to experience a day as a librarian; "Youth Cafe" live-action library lectures, inviting staff to share growth stories, allowing young people to use face-to-face communication. Reading is more immersive.

The new main library is a dementia-friendly library, and the "Healthy Life Asking Station" cooperates with Chi Mei Hospital to handle dementia screening and blood sugar testing health consultation activities.

Today, the new main hall used children's singing and dancing activities to cheer for the 15 groups of family participants in the Taiwanese parent-child storytelling competition.

The Story Carnival event is organized by Taiwan Wowan Music Reading Association, Yang Duo Reading Promotion Workshop Reading Club, Jinxue Qianyang Story Team, Tiantian Children's Theater Troupe, Yixiangtiankai Magic Story Pleasure Reading Association, Shen Cairong Story Garden, and corporate legal person Tainan City Story groups such as Fucheng Story Association and Chang'an Elementary School Aniang Hey Story Troupe came on stage one after another.

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