The 49-year-old actress Qian Weishan played Fujido Jing in "Meteor Garden" in 2001.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] The 49-year-old actress Qian Weishan became popular in 2001 for her role as Fujido Jing in "Meteor Garden". In 2004, she married the national basketball player Qiu Zongzhi. After marriage, she had 2 children. She gradually faded out. After 18 years of light curtain, she took her two sons to study and live in the United States last year. She posted a family photo a few days ago, and her good condition is amazing.

Qian Weishan (middle) and his two sons.

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Qian Weishan posted a recent photo on Facebook and revealed that her son told her that her new math teacher was a Karen, and her classmates reminded her to be careful in each other's classes. She thought the teacher's name was "Karen", but it was actually between American teenagers. White female teachers who love to pose, make things difficult, are unfriendly, and are racially discriminatory are collectively called, and the teachers happen to have short hair and bob hair, while racially discriminatory men are called "Ken".

She said that the majority of white students in her son's school may now be disapproving of all kinds of discriminatory words and deeds for young people, no matter what race they are.

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Qian Weishan took his two sons to study and live in the United States last year.

(Reposted from Facebook)

Qian Weishan said frankly, "During the year here, I was unfamiliar with the place, and almost every day I quickly faced and dealt with new people and things, no matter good or bad. I can feel more deeply about the warmth and coldness of human relationships." .

She also said that everyone only needs to give a little warmth, and those who receive it will spread it. "What the world needs is not a cynical 'Karen', but more loving Angels."

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