Walking under the pink flower tree is like being in a Japanese drama scene.

(Photo / provided by IG@yiciguo)

The beauty tree in southern Taiwan was in full bloom in December. Some netizens posted the best viewing angle of Kaohsiung Houjingxi Beauty Tree, and easily captured the entire row of flowers. Standing under the giant pink flower ball, it looks very small, and it is matched with green The lush grass is reflected in the mirror, as if you are on the cherry blossom avenue on the bank of the Japanese river, and you can take advantage of the cool weather to go out and enjoy the flowers.

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Houjing River is one of the three major rivers in Kaohsiung City. Although the beauty tree on the Houjing River Embankment Trail blooms later than other places, netizens describe the "stamina" as very strong. The pink flowers hanging down with the branches and leaves are very romantic. The beauty tree on both sides of the river bank is currently in full bloom. It looks like the Kamo River in Japan. Netizens even recommend the hidden flower viewing spot. You can see the giant beauty tree from the opposite bank of the Google navigation "Jiheyuan". It is worth noting that you need to walk to Yiqun Bridge here The bicycle trail can only be reached, because a little distance requires a means of transportation, you can go there by bicycle, but you cannot ride a motorcycle!

The beauty trees on both sides of the Kaohsiung Houjing River are in full bloom.

(Photo / provided by IG@yiciguo)

As soon as the beautiful photo of the giant pink flower ball was exposed, everyone exclaimed, "It's the first time I saw such a big beauty tree in the south", "The beauty tree of the giant level is so amazing", "The pink big It exploded, so spectacular", "The characters instantly become super miniature"....

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