Glenn Powell was deeply moved by visiting real heroes for his new aerial combat work "Battle at 38 Degrees Line".

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[Reporter Xu Shiying/Comprehensive Report] Glenn Powell, who previously played "The Executioner" in "Defenders: The Lone Ranger", co-starred in the new air combat film "Battle at the 38th Parallel" and Marvel's latest villain "Kang the Conqueror" Jonathan Myers , tells the touching brotherhood and heroic war deeds of Jesse Brown, the first black flight officer in the United States, and his wingman partner Thomas Hudner across races.

The "Executioner" Glen Powell, who is also the producer and the leading actor, visited the real hero Thomas Hudner in the movie during the preparation period. Through real contact with Thomas Hudner, he understood the role he played better and also had a deep understanding of the Korean War. Hero pilot Jesse Brown has a deeper understanding.

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Glenn Powell (right) and Jonathan Myers, interpret interracial and moving brotherhood in "The Battle of the 38th Parallel".

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Glen Powell said: "Thomas told me that Jesse Brown was the most cherished partner in his life. When they met, they didn't care about each other's skin color, and they cared for each other. This was a rare emotion at the time. Jesse's perseverance and unyielding spirit It has deeply affected him, and I am honored to be able to interpret such a sincere brotherhood, their stories deserve to be seen by more people!"

He also shared the time spent with Thomas, and learned more about their days on the USS Leyte during the Korean War, and what it meant to him during this period, "At that time, I also promised Thomas that I would definitely make this film The movie is the best, and now I have done it!" More emotionally: "This is a movie full of love and fighting for family and friends. I believe that after watching this movie, audiences will want to become better. Partners, friends, and family members, "Decisive Battle at 38 Degree Line" will bring more love to the world. "Decisive Battle at 38 Degree Line" is currently in theaters across Taiwan.

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