The European Union intends to open the use of 5G Internet access on aircraft.

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Have you ever thought that one day "airplane mode" will become a historical term?

Maybe that day will come soon!

Some flights now provide WiFi service on board, but the speed of the network is very slow, and it can only be used to reply LINE messages, send emails, etc., but it is still quite useful for those who need it.

The European Union is planning to open the 5G mobile network on the plane, the same as the previous generation technology such as 4G.

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Once the legislation is passed, it means that you will be able to use 5G to surf the Internet when you fly within the European Union in the future. Naturally, such things as flight mode will no longer be needed.

The European Union stated that it is mainly through the installation of pico-cell pico base stations on the aircraft, through which passengers can connect to the mobile network on the ground through satellites.

It is reported that the EU believes that 5G on board will not cause safety problems, because the EU's 5G on board uses a spectrum above 5GHz, and the aircraft itself uses 4.2GHZ~4.4GHz, which has no impact.

However, even if the European Union is ready to open the door to 5G on board, countries have different views on this. For example, the United States still has doubts about flight safety.

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