A 27-year-old man had repeated fevers for 9 days. He was diagnosed with scrub typhus after medical examination.

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(Provided by Douliu Tzu Chi Hospital)

[Reporter Huang Shuli/Yunlin Report] A 27-year-old man had repeated fevers for 9 days. He was worried that the diagnosis was confirmed but the quick tests were negative many times. After peeling off the cocoon, it was determined to be a rare scrub typhus, and the right medicine saved his life.

Huang Junhao said that when the man went to the doctor, he complained that he had repeatedly had a fever for up to 9 days. He went to see doctors everywhere and took antipyretics, but his condition did not improve. The results were all negative, but I was weak and weak, and I was worried that I might have some strange disease.

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Huang Junhao pointed out that after investigation, it was found that there was a black scab on the man's neck, surrounded by small red spots, and symptoms similar to scabs were found on the hands and feet. After further consultation, the patient had climbed a mountain in the north and had comprehensive skin symptoms and high fever. Problems such as non-retreat and mountaineering were presumed to be related to scrub typhus. Further blood tests confirmed that it was scrub typhus.

Huang Junhao further said that the incubation period of scrub typhus is about 10 to 14 days, and there are no symptoms at all. Later, black scabs and redness around the area will appear. Many people think it is just a simple mosquito bite until they have repeated fever, chills, and swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms, will be vigilant.

Huang Junhao reminded that when scrub typhus is severe, even rickettsia will spread to all parts of the body, in addition to lymph nodes, it will also spread to the liver and spleen, causing organ enlargement. Delayed treatment may lead to myocardial inflammation, shock, coma and death , It may even cause meningitis, leading to unconsciousness, convulsions, and a mortality rate of more than 50%. Fortunately, timely treatment and medication.

Huang Junhao said that scrub typhus is an acute febrile disease infected by the bite of a rickettsia-carrying tsutsugamushi. The worms reproduce in large numbers in summer and live in mountainous areas, wild places, and places overgrown with weeds. This year's The sweltering heat in autumn and winter may lead to an increase in the number of chiggers. It is recommended to wear long sleeves and trousers for outdoor activities to avoid mosquito bites.

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