After the young protagonist,

Mr. Naphat

, reveals his heart about Baifern


, a close friend who has been together for a long time.

and played in many dramas

In which the man has gathered the courage to call to confess all his heart towards Baifern, but the woman has not yet given any answers, and Mr. himself has asked the media to ask Fern how he feels about himself.

want to know the answer too 

Most recently, he met Baifern Pimchanok, attending New NISSAN KICKS e-POWER at the NISSAN booth at the MOTOR EXPO 2022. He opened his heart to reporters that 

“When you called, I had the opportunity to say and confess many things, as everyone had heard.

So this is the starting point for us to talk.

open up

We are grateful to him for honoring us that much.

Fern said it was another good step.

it just started

On the day he called to tell us his feelings, he was shocked because before he was already nice to us, but later he was nicer to us.

Which he himself never said anything.

In the past, he has always been good to us. 

People around the behavior did not change.

because our relationship is always good

I just feel that during this time we talk more.

They call us normally.

Before, I didn't know that he called to consult with people around me.

I just came to know when he called to tell me about it.

which is a good direction

Thanks to the young man too.

Otherwise, no one would have confessed like this to me.

On the day he called to flirt

We just don't know what to say.

Laugh first, embarrassed. As for the part that the owner asked me if he came to flirt, would he accept it? This one is better to tell him himself.

(with embarrassed nod) 

He was a nice person, a good person, not just me.

But with all my friends and mother Moo, I feel good.

It's warm every time I meet my mother.

I have talked to my mother

As for the relationship with you right now, it's another step. We're gradually learning.

It's a relationship that takes time.

It's good

It's not a pressure at all.

It's still in its early stages. 

Asked if people expect a lot, are we under pressure or not?

Many people saw that they were worried.

And cheer us up, no pressure. Thank you all lovely people.

And also worried about Fern, we want to gradually learn together.

understand what people are watching

The day I watched the clip was no different from everyone else.

also shy

Before he left for work, he called us.

whether going to an event, he will give an interview

Can you talk about me?

I didn't think he would talk about us.

Now is still a very first step.

that we have known and talked

I haven't reached the stage of being a fan yet.

Asked if I would like to tell you something through the media or not, it's better, I'll go and tell you myself.

In any case, I would like to give my encouragement to you guys as well.

Thank you to the people who cheered

Always follow

Don't worry.