Meng Gengru (pictured on the left, right) complained about the bitterness of a woman raising a baby, and Bayu (pictured on the right) agreed to help.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Now (3rd) Meng Geng suddenly shared "wife's complaint" on Facebook, revealing that she often has to coordinate with her husband Huang Zijiao's schedule and work, and also takes care of children, which makes her feel "exhausted physically and mentally" , the post resonated with many people. Actress Bayu also agreed that one to two years after giving birth is a "dark period for mothers."

Huang Zijiao (left) and Meng Gengru have been married for 2 years and have a daughter "Yellow Corn" (photo taken from Facebook)

Meng Gengru talked about the bitterness of working in a double-income family in a double-income family. She admitted that her husband Huang Zijiao loves work and often has to match his time. , making her feel physically and mentally exhausted.

In this regard, Huang Zijiao also appeared to leave a message, knowing that his wife has art creation and side business, and the heavy load makes her work harder. He also said that he tried his best to make the nanny work overtime, but he still admitted that the situation is indeed a dilemma.

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As soon as the post came out, a large number of netizens shouted their approval, thinking that after becoming a mother, it is necessary to achieve a balance between work and family. Two years is a dark period for my mother, thank you for your hard work", Xu Xiaoke also jumped out as a person who has experienced it, "There are hard work at every stage...but I believe that husband and wife will definitely become happy if they work hard together, hard work."

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