Lin Chiling (right) has been married to AKIRA for 3 years.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] After the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the whole world fell into madness. A few days ago, Japan played against Spain and defeated the opponent 2-1. The "National Brother-in-Law" AKIRA also posted a special post on Twitter To celebrate, the accident made him a former football player.

AKIRA posted a message to celebrate Japan's victory in the World Cup.

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The reason why AKIRA is a football fan is that besides wanting to support his national team, he was a member of the football club from the third grade of elementary school until he graduated from high school. He also represented the school to the UK for a short-term training camp. There are many strong players in the world, and he realized that he is not strong enough to become a professional football player, so he reluctantly gave up football and turned to music and dance.

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The identity of AKIRA's former football player is revealed.

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When AKIRA was invited to participate in the program "Da Yun Shi Tang", the host Li Siduan gave two gifts, namely a football and a gourd that symbolizes "hanging pot to help the world" become a doctor. I hope that it will be a gift for AKIRA's son in the future. AKIRA said There is no limit to her son's future, she only hopes that her son will grow up happily, and Lin Chiling also revealed in another event that she will play football during her son's catch-up week, hoping that her son will have the opportunity to fulfill her husband's football dream.

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