Lu Guangzhong took it off, and said with a smile that it was a benefit for fans.

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[Reporter Hu Ruhong/Taipei Report] Lu Guangzhong took off his muscles at the "Inspirational Morning" concert at the Little Arena early this morning. It is rare to show his muscles in front of fans. Others are different. They didn't find a coach or go to the gym. It all depends on this trick.

Lu Guangzhong, who performed at the Taipei Arena for 6 times, held two consecutive "Inspirational Morning Inspirational Night" concerts today. He has always encouraged fans to get up early and have breakfast. Today, at the Good Morning Concert, he sang "Muscle Memory" ", under the instigation of the musician teacher to take off his shirt, Lu Guangzhong also took off his shirt, and accompanied by Band Leader Aji, he sang around the audience with his upper body naked. The good figure of the inverted triangle made the fans eyes bright , especially the line of the arm makes people feel that Lu Guangzhong has practiced it before.

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Unexpectedly, Lu Guangzhong said after the concert that he did not particularly go to the gym to exercise. The body line is all based on the foundation he participated in the track and field team when he was a child. "The inspirational young people are really inspiring in the way they train their muscles.

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