The sixth edition of the romantic reality show


took place , which was filmed even before the start of a full-scale war.

Since this week's shooting took place in Dubai, the participants appeared in luxurious images of oriental beauties at the rose ceremony.

One of the most spectacular was the 25-year-old cosmetologist Marina.

She was wearing a fitted dress with a print, a small train and a plunging neckline.

The outfit perfectly emphasized her sexy forms.

The beauty completed her outfit with a luxurious choker necklace and a silver turban.

On her face she had rich make-up with an emphasis on the eyes, in her ears - elegant earrings in the form of drops, and on her hand - a bracelet.

The girl published photos of her outfit on Instagram.

In the post, Marina also commented on the conflict that arose between the participants due to audio feedback about each other.

Marina was criticized for her negative comments about girls, and she admitted that she was shocked to hear negative comments about herself.

"After I returned with a yellow rose from the last ceremony, the girls asked me questions, they all wanted to understand why I am friends with Mudra. I never touch anyone first, as I already said. It turns out that we are all divided into two camps... Me and Sasha, and girls separately. Although I didn't want to take someone's side in particular, but Sasha is closer to me, and after the girls' attacks, we somehow separated. I already understood that because of my friendship with Sasha, the girls were already against me.

When there was a task to say something about the girls, I decided to say the disadvantages of each and my suspicions.

I will hear not the kindest comments about myself, I understood even then.

And in general, why would I, having a yellow rose, praise someone after almost leaving the project?

They will do this for themselves on their dates.

I did not make up any facts.

Lisa's work is suspicious to me, Alina's kindness is suspicious, and I still don't understand the signature "escort" in Yuli.

I don't understand what's wrong here.

About Katya, I said that good looks are only for now.

Pogorelova tries to manipulate.

I suspect everyone of manipulation.

And lastly, I said about Mudra that she provokes.

But at the same time, I was fucked more than anyone, turning to individuals!

They called me names, made fun of my place of birth, humiliated me because I am a shadow of the Wise... I don't have my own opinion.

This is a real shock!

But for some reason, no one except me confessed, and did not help to declassify who said what about me.

Well, I honestly thought I would leave the project at this ceremony.

But it seems that now a lot will have to be clarified... both with Alex and with the girls," Marina wrote.

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We will remind, in the sixth edition of the reality show "The Bachelor", the main character Alex Topolsky canceled the rose ceremony due to anonymous audio feedback of the participants about each other.

The man admitted that he has to think about all the things he heard about the girls and decide who he will say goodbye to in the next episode.

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