Glenfiddich released a new series of high-vintage rare wines "TIME RE: IMAGINED TIME RE: IMAGINED" at the Seven Seas Cultural Park.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Report from Taipei] Scotch single malt whiskey brand - Glenfiddich pays homage to time and releases a new series "TIME RE: IMAGINED TIME RE: IMAGINED" in the Seven Seas Cultural Park. The "Time and Space Tunnel to Reshape Time" kicked off the event. Under the extreme display of light, shadow, sound, and artistic creation, the abstract concept of time is emotionally interpreted. Then, led by brand ambassador James, let people taste time in whiskey The balance and beauty left behind.

At the presentation site, Glenfiddich combined digital technology and art to interpret the beauty of whiskey craftsmanship.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) Glenfiddich began with the first drop of single malt whiskey quenched at Christmas in 1887, until 1963, when it became the first brand to promote Scotch single malt whiskey to the world , leading the industry in 1998, the first to brew whiskey with the Solera System.

With the advancement of time, Glenfiddich embodies the core spirit of being brave in innovation and profound wine-making heritage.

After three generations of bartenders took turns to supervise and patiently develop, the "TIME RE: IMAGINED Time Collection Series", which has been aged in rare oak barrels for decades, came out. These rare wines have been brewed for different lengths of time, each representing Glenfiddich's interpretation and tribute to time.

At the same time, the works of well-known Japanese audio-visual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa will be exhibited, recreating the colors and landscapes of Scotland through algorithms, colors and sounds.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) "Glenfiddich 30 Years Single Malt Whiskey" is made by the chief bartender of Glenfiddich who waited patiently for 30 years, carefully observed the changes of the liquor sleeping in oak barrels, and borrowed With his precise judgment, he bottled the whiskey at the most perfect moment during the aging process.

In terms of packaging design, it reflects the ultimate aesthetics of the structure with vivid expressiveness, interprets the flow of time with the rhythmic feeling of interlacing and flying ribbons, and contrasts with the hanging wine bottles, showing that the chief bartender captures in the dynamic time track The perfect moment.

Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey matured for over 30 years in Spanish Oloroso sherry oak casks and American bourbon oak casks.

With balanced oak flavor and sweet sherry barrel flavor, the sweet floral aroma highlights the attractive woody tone, long and sweet.

(Provided by Grant and Sons) "Glenfiddich 40 Years Single Malt Whiskey" uses the industry's unique "Surola System" technology to fuse each different batch of original wine, so that the wine will be continuously stacked and interacted under the influence of each other. Leaves an ultimate flavor profile with rich layers and perfect balance.

In response to the tangible track left by time in nature, this outer packaging is made of composite materials of quartz, marble and mica, so that each bottle has its own unique texture, depicting the track of time stacking, and each hollow can Peek into the mahogany tones of the whiskey.

Glenfiddich 40-year-old single malt whiskey uses a unique process to retain part of the original wine of each batch and blend it with the new batch of wine to stack the flavors.

With mahogany color, dried fruit, chocolate nose, the palate is rich fruit, oak flavor and a touch of peat.

(Courtesy of Grand & Sons)

Brand ambassador James mentioned that any small factor such as air pressure, temperature, and humidity will affect the aging of whiskey and the quality of the liquor.

Among hundreds of thousands of oak barrels, only three barrels can successfully last for 50 years.

"50 Years of Glenfiddich Time Collection" has been aged for 50 years by three generations of bartenders. It is time to witness the maturation of this whiskey and pass the test of time. Glenfiddich shows its Profound wine-making heritage.

In terms of packaging design, data artist Manuel Jimenez Garcia was invited to use AI algorithms to customize the climate data of the Glenfiddich factory area over the past 50 years into a unique 3D structure. Dee's perseverance has stood the test of time.

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Glenfiddich 50 year old single malt whiskey.

Antique gold, orange peel, Madeira cake and brown sugar aromas, the palate turns from sweet to dark with smooth oak tannins and hay.

(Courtesy of Grand & Sons)

(Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health)

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