[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Crowd Lu celebrates his 14th anniversary since his debut. Today (3) he challenged to perform at the Arena twice a day. In the morning and evening, he held two "Inspirational Morning Inspirational Night" concerts, attracting a total of 20,000 fans. , and although "Big S" Xu Xiyuan "went to war" with her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei, she did not forget to send flowers to Lu Guangzhong with her younger sister Xiao S, and their nicknames for Lu Guangzhong were also exposed.

Lu Guangzhong celebrates the 14th anniversary of his debut, and today (3) challenged to perform two small arena performances a day.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

The flower card given by Big S to Lu Guangzhong reads "Nong, have fun on stage! Xiyuan", and Xiao S has also been slandered by Wang Xiaofei recently, but the flower card she gave to Lu Guangzhong still remains humorous Wrote: "Dear Nong, sister loves your music, your attitude towards life, and especially your charm on stage! Go to Rock. International superstar Xiao S".

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Lu Guangzhong started singing, and Big S sent flowers to bless him and called him "Nong".

(Photo by reporter Chen Huiling)

As for why Big S and Little S called Lu Guangzhong "Nong", the brokerage company has not revealed yet.

Today's concert Lu Guangzhong's parents, sister, and niece all came to Taipei to support him. After singing in the morning, he only took a nap on the camp bed backstage at the Little Arena. He wanted to sleep for an hour, but found that his stomach hurts and he only slept for 20 minutes. After 3 o'clock, rehearsals started again. Today's morning show included Zeng Zhiqiao, Shouzi, Tao Zi, and Cai Huangru, and artists such as Huang Xuan and Huang Tenghui came to join in the evening show. 

Lu Guangzhong sang, Xiao S sent flowers and humorously sent blessings.

(Photo by reporter Chen Huiling)

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