The reality star has a black streak in her life, because in recent weeks everyone is talking about her again, but not because of the new line of her brand of clothes or cosmetics, but only because of terrible scandals.

After all, until the

pedophile scandal

with the Balenciaga brand, whose ambassador Kim was for a long time, subsided, her ex-husband Kanye West made a series of new offensive statements in which he called himself a Putinist and an anti-Semite.

Kim did not comment on what is happening with her ex-husband, but judging by her recent public appearances, she has also given up Balenciaga items for now.

The girl was spotted the other day in Miami with her younger sister Gloe, where they attended an exclusive party.

She spent a few days in this city and showed off three looks with crop tops that emphasized her incredibly slim waist.

Kim's first look consisted of a black top and leather pants by The Attico, which she teamed with high heels and sunglasses.

Kim Kardashian / Photo: Getty Images

Kim then layered the top of this outfit with a blue printed crop top, but left the rest of the outfit on.

Kim Kardashian / Photo: Getty Images

Also, one day the star was photographed in a very tight top, which was more like a thin ribbon, which she combined with rather strange pants of a similar style.

Kim Kardashian / Photo: Getty Images

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