The 2023 Taiwan International Light and Shadow Art Festival will officially start today.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Taichung report] The "2023 Taiwan International Light and Shadow Art Festival" hosted by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Gome Museum) will be held outdoors at the Gome Museum from now until February 5, 2012 The square exhibited and held an opening ceremony last night.

Xiao Zonghuang, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Ministry of Culture, Liao Renyi, Director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, curators Ye Tinghao, Qiu Zhiyong, participating artists Wang Liansheng, Wu Bingsheng, Zhang Xinyu, Er Jin, Cai Yiting, Cai Ning and 404N.F attended the scene in person, and international artist Chuck Lieber Man (USA), Shunichi Kasahara, Ryu Kanda, Higa (Japan), and Yuri Leh (Ukraine/Spain) also paid tribute to Taiwanese audiences remotely through video recording.

Xiao Zonghuang, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, said, "We all say that technology has changed our way of life, allowing us to change the speed and method of obtaining information, but in terms of culture and art, technology has changed our angle and vision of viewing things." The Gome Pavilion was established in 2007 Digital Art Ark is the earliest unit in China to promote technology and art.

This year, the Light and Shadow Art Festival is coming to its 4th edition. Since 2020, in conjunction with the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung, under the context of the traditional Lantern Festival, the Gome Museum and the Taichung City Government are thinking about whether it is an innovative display form, so they tried to integrate for the first time, and it was very successful. .

Later, under the struggle of the Gome Museum, it became an independent exhibition form and became a new landscape of the city.

Xiao Zonghuang, on behalf of Minister of Culture Li Yongde, expressed his most sincere thanks to the curators, participating artists, Gome Pavilion, Uniform Production and distinguished guests.

After Wang Liansheng's performance, Xiao Zonghuang, the Deputy Minister of Culture, and Liao Renyi, the curator of the Gome Pavilion, took a group photo with the participating artists to officially launch the 2023 Taiwan International Light and Shadow Art Festival.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) Liao Ren-yi, director of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, said that the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is a base supported by the Ministry of Culture to promote technology and art. This year, 6 groups of Taiwanese artists and 3 groups of foreign artists exhibited. It can be seen that most of the works are exhibited outdoors this time, and are not limited by time and space. Even when the Gome Pavilion is closed every day, the public can go to appreciate the works. Come experience this audio-visual feast.

Curator Ye Tinghao explained that this year there are 9 groups of outstanding works, including artists from the United States, Japan, and Ukraine. Only artists can have festivals. This year, the theme is "Data Scenery", and the works are mainly located in the outdoor space of the Gome Pavilion and U-108 SPACE shows the characteristics of the works through different venue arrangements, and the public can walk into the works to experience them in detail.

Co-curator Qiu Zhiyong pointed out that in addition to the exhibition this year, there will also be international forums and workshops to discuss the performance and application of the 5G generation, as well as discuss the sustainable management and publicization of technology and art, leading the public to understand the importance of technology and art from the exhibition .

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The opening ceremony kicked off with the audio-visual performance "Quantum Science" brought by the first prize winner of the Taipei Fine Arts Award, Wang Liancheng.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) The opening ceremony was kicked off by the audio-visual performance "Quantum Science" presented by Wang Liancheng, the first prize winner of the Taipei Fine Arts Awards. The audio-visual performance was combined with the program to generate video performances in real time, leading the audience from sound and video to the world of light and shadow. .

Wang Liansheng performed with proficient program calculation of image and sound fit. He has been invited to Linz Electronic Arts Festival in Austria, Madrid Modern Digital Technology Audio-Visual Art Festival in Spain, Lyon National Music Center in France, Dresden International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Belgium New Internationally renowned new media art festivals such as the Science and Technology Art Award.

According to the Gome Pavilion, the theme of this year’s Taiwan International Light and Shadow Art Festival is “Data Scenery”, inviting Ye Tinghao, a new media art creator and educator who is good at creative programming, experimental sound and performing arts, and the current professor and director of the Institute of Technology and Art of Tsinghua University And new media art curator, critic and judge Qiu Zhiyong served as co-curator, with the theme of "Data Landscape", three major exhibition themes were launched, including "Data Computing Intervention", "Sensory Information Transformation", "5G Real-time Communication" ".

"Data Landscape - 2023 Taiwan International Light and Shadow Art Festival" will be exhibited at the outdoor plaza of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, U-108 SPACE (No. 2, Section 1, Wuquan West Road, West District, Taichung City) from now until February 5, 2023. Outdoor exhibition 17:00-22:00, indoor exhibition Tuesday to Friday 9:00-17:00, Saturday and Sunday 9:00-18:00 (closed every Monday).

For details, please consult the official website of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts:

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