Harrison Ford's reminiscence screen in "Indiana Jones: The Clock Dial of Destiny" uses special effects of rejuvenation to reverse his age.

(courtesy of Disney)

[Reporter Xu Shiying/Comprehensive Report] The 80-year-old "Forber" Harrison Ford will play the classic role "Indiana Jones" for the last time in "The Clock Dial of Indiana Jones" to be launched next year. The trailer was exposed the day before yesterday. Forber In addition to showing good skills to prove that the sword is not old, and a scene of memories of the past, Forber used rejuvenation special effects to show an excellent anti-aging effect.

Dr. Jones, played by Forber, will face a German scientist who was a Nazi but defected to the United States this time. When the movie mentions Dr. Jones' past memories and stories during World War II, Forber will use the popular rejuvenation effects in recent years to appear.

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British talented Phoebe Waller-bridge (left) has a wonderful rivalry with Harrison Ford in "The Clock Dial of Indiana Jones".

(courtesy of Disney)

Phoebe Waller-bridge, a talented British woman who won an Emmy for the series "Sloppy Girls", will not only participate in the screenwriting but also act this time. People are looking forward to her rivalry with Forber.

"The Clock Dial of Indiana Jones" is expected to be released in Taiwan on June 29, 2023.

The first trailer for "The Dial of Fate in Indiana Jones":

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