The Taipei Book Fair Foundation announced the finalists for the 4 major awards of the 2023 Taipei International Book Fair Awards.

(Provided by Taipei Book Fair Foundation)

[Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] The 2023 Taipei International Book Fair Awards, which is entering its 16th year, announces the shortlist. The Taipei Book Fair Foundation said that this year's registration is enthusiastic. The call for entries will start from August 24, 2022 to September 30, 2022 , the total number reached 846, an increase from 742 last year.

According to the statistics of registration, there are 98 entries for the "Fiction Award", 410 entries for the "Non-Fiction Award", 241 entries for the "Children and Youth Award", and 60 editors for the Editing Award and 97 entries.

In the first stage, 10 shortlisted books will be selected, and 5 shortlisted editors will be selected for the "Editor Award".

The 10 shortlisted works of this year's "Fiction Award" are: Lai Xiangyin's "White Portrait", Zhu Youxun's "The following testimony will be completely denied", Tang Furui's "The Defender of the Bachi Gate", Xiao Weixuan's "Before Becoming a Monster", Mu Yu's "Smoke Street", Liang Lizi's "Daily Sports", Wang Heping's "Pornographic White Noise", Liu Danqiu's "Words Between Waves", Xia Man Ramboan's "Man Without a Mailbox", and Yang Liya's "Manly Man".

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The shortlisted works of the "Non-Fiction Award" are: Li Tonghao's "The Red House: The Grand Hotel's Then and Now", Li Ruizong's "Looking Again-Post-War Taiping Mountain", Lin Huaimin's "Torrent and Reflection", Su Fengnan and others co-authored "30 Pieces" Reality and Imagination in the Map", Zhan Hongzhi "Old Kitchen", Zheng Anqi "Not Only Mourning: If Memory Has a Shape", Xie Jiaxin "My Black Hand Father: The Work and Life of a Tow Truck Master in Hong Kong", Zhong Yongfeng "How Chrysanthemums March at Night ", Su Ling's "Food Market Searching Gods: A Diary of a Woman Who Doesn't Buy Vegetables", Su Shujuan and others co-authored "Taiwan's Bad Lands: Witnessing Taiwan's Orogeny and the Ecological History of Shallow Mountain Civilization for 400 Years".

The 2023 Taipei International Book Fair Awards 3 first prize winners and 1 "Editor's Award" first prize will be announced at the "Book Fair Awards Press Conference" on December 9, 2022. Jinshitang and other platforms hold online book fairs, and Eslite and Jinshitang physical book fairs are launched simultaneously.

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