The doctor said that developing exercise habits and increasing muscle mass can help the liver return to a healthy state; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] The South Korean actor Yeom Dong-heon who played "Pinocchio" died of a liver disease on the 2nd at the age of 55.

Chen Jingrui, attending physician of the Family Medicine Department of Shuanghe Hospital, said that liver damage is a gradual process. When fatty liver causes long-term inflammation, the liver will continue to fibrosis. If it is not tracked and controlled by a doctor, it is easy to cause liver cirrhosis, which may lead to liver cancer in serious cases. Remind the public Regular health check-ups should not be put aside after the report is taken home, but should be treated cautiously. If timely treatment is appropriate, there is still a chance to restore a healthy liver by adjusting diet and changing lifestyle.

Since his debut in 1994, Lian Dongxian has played supporting roles in many film and television dramas. His works during his lifetime include the movie "Asura", the TV series "Beethoven Virus", "Pinocchio" and "Please Melt Me". Last year, he also participated in "Peacock City" "show.

He was previously found to have an abnormality in his liver and received treatment, but he still lost to a serious illness and died on the 2nd. The brokerage company did not disclose more details about his condition.

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Chen Jingrui once posted on the Facebook page "Family Medicine Physician Chen Jingrui" that liver damage is a gradual process. When the liver is inflamed for a long time due to fatty liver, it will continue to fibrosis. If there is no medical follow-up and control, it is likely to cause liver cirrhosis , If you still do not seek medical treatment in time, there is a great chance to develop into liver cancer.

4 Steps to a Healthy Liver Skimmer

Chen Jingrui said that when the liver is still in the fatty liver stage, there is an opportunity to restore it to a healthy liver through diet and lifestyle changes:

●Weight loss:

keep your BMI between 18.5 and 25.

●Balanced diet:

eat more fruits and vegetables and good protein, avoid high oil, high salt, high sugar.

Chen Jingrui explained that you can refer to the "My Plate Handbook" of the National Health Service as a reference for a balanced diet.

●Regular exercise:

develop exercise habits and increase muscle mass.

●Abstinence from alcohol and alcohol:

Alcohol and tobacco will cause damage to the liver.

Chen Jingrui said that if the liver has already become cirrhotic due to fibrosis, the following symptoms may occur:

●Early symptoms are similar to a cold:

fatigue, fatigue, indigestion; sometimes combined with gastrointestinal problems, such as nausea, vomiting and pain in the upper right abdomen.

●Late symptoms:

Liver cirrhosis can cause portal hypertension, leading to symptoms such as ascites, jaundice, lower extremity edema, esophageal varices, and hepatic encephalopathy.

Chen Jingrui reminded that in addition to fatty liver, viral hepatitis (hepatitis B, C) and long-term alcoholism are also common causes of liver cirrhosis. No matter what kind of liver disease it is, the most important thing is to detect and control it early in the early stage of liver inflammation. When liver fibrosis or even cirrhosis occurs, it will be difficult to return to a healthy state, and it may even develop into liver cancer.

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