December 3 and 4 are ideal for considering and starting new projects that have been in the development and preparation stage for a long time - it is undesirable to lose an important chance that will allow you to start their implementation at the moment when the work will definitely lead to success.

On Saturday, December 3, the stars favor any new beginnings, so even if it is not possible to start acting fully and on a large scale, it is advisable to at least take the first step on this path - for example, to loudly declare your intentions.

On this day, the words will not be empty - they will definitely be heard by the universe, which will use all its "resources" to provide help.

However, the people around - relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances - will not stay away either and will do everything possible to make the start of the project as successful as possible.

On Sunday, December 4, you can and should gradually move towards your goal.

You should not hurry - you can break a lot of firewood in a hurry, but you should not delay either - professional luck should be grabbed by the tail, as they say, while there is such an opportunity.

For those who cannot or - for obvious reasons - do not want to work on weekends, the stars advise them to organize a full-fledged rest - the more active and active it will be, the better.

Aries (21.03 - 20.04)

Aries can count on large financial receipts, which, despite the weekend, will come to them on these days.

The stars advise representatives of the sign not to rush to spend them - at least let these few days lie on the card or in the wallet.

Firstly, this way they will be able to organize the flow of money flowing to them from the Universe, and secondly, their money will not get to fraudsters.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

A "meeting with the past" is waiting for Cancers, which will play an important role in their current life.

It is difficult to say what form it will take - a call from an old friend, news about a former acquaintance or a meeting with the first love.

In each of these cases, the topic at hand will turn out to be a clue that will help solve a serious professional or personal problem.

Virgo (22.08 - 23.09)

Virgos - especially those of them who have long intended to switch to another job or change their profession altogether - will have a great opportunity to realize their dreams.

There is a high probability that at some event in an informal setting, a potential employer will make representatives of the sign an offer that they cannot - and will not - refuse.

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