Wenmao Semiconductor has sponsored the performance of the Pinwheel Foundation's "Youth Anti-drug Drama Project" for 7 consecutive years since 2014.

(Provided by Paper Pinwheel)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] In view of the fact that the number of young people taking drugs in China is increasing year by year and the age is declining, in order to let young students understand and understand drugs, and improve their self-protection awareness and reject the temptation of drugs, stay away from poison, the paper The Windmill Foundation's "Youth Anti-drug Drama Project" continues to advance on campus.

Especially considering that there are students graduating every year, with the support of Wenmao Semiconductor, they went to Ruifang Junior High School in New Taipei City to perform again a few days ago.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, there are nearly 10,000 underage drug addicts in Taiwan, and the number of drug-related deaths is increasing year by year. The average age of these children is 14.8 years old.

Zhang Minyi, CEO of the Paper Windmill Culture and Education Foundation, said that the Paper Windmill Troupe has been promoting the "Paper Windmill Youth Anti-Drug Drama Project" for 10 years since November 2011. It has toured 945 middle schools across the country and has performed 853 performances, attracting more than 530,000 teenagers I have seen the performance of the anti-drug drama project; the children who watched the performance in the first year have also entered the society one after another, and have a deeper understanding of their own safety vigilance and the dangers of drugs because of the anti-drug drama project.

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Zhang Minyi explained that Wenmao Semiconductor has sponsored the performances of the Pinwheel Foundation's "Youth Anti-Drug Drama Project" for 7 consecutive years since 2014. So far, it has sponsored 33 schools and 35 performances.

And since 2018, it has become the co-sponsor unit of the Paper Pinwheel Anti-drug Drama Project. With the support of Chairman Chen Jincai, Paper Pinwheel will go to Ruifang Junior High School where he was born to perform anti-drug dramas every year. There will be new children coming in, so through anti-drug performances, strengthen children's thoughts and beliefs in rejecting the temptation of drugs.

There are students graduating every year, and new children will come in, so the anti-drug performance cannot be interrupted.

(Provided by Paper Pinwheel)

Actor Weng Shuhua, who has participated in anti-drug performances for 10 years, said that during the performances, it was found that young people knew that they should not touch drugs, but they were exposed to new drugs without knowing it or out of curiosity and became infected. Update; Zou Yizhong, who has also participated in the performance for 10 years, said that he was very worried when he saw the proliferation of drugs in the school. As his children grow up, he hopes to do his part by promoting the prevention and control of drugs in schools, and give them a drug-free campus and health. learning environment.

Zhang Minyi said that the Paper Pinwheel Youth Anti-Drug Drama Project uses the power of drama propaganda to provide information on the appearance of drugs, so that young people understand the cost of drug abuse.

In the past 10 years, we have worked hand in hand with enterprises, governments and schools, for our children, this road will continue.

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