The bridge built over Pensarchay in Shiyekaran village of Astara region is in a state of emergency.

APA's southern office reports that the cause of the bridge being in an emergency state was the torrential rains that fell in the region in the last 3 days.

As a result of flood waters, the water level in the river has risen to 3 meters.

The bridge collapsed downwards.

Since there are no middle posts, the iron parts rest on the ground.

According to the villagers, the metal parts of the bridge are corroded and there are no supports.

The 30-meter-long bridge is supported only by its own structure.

70% of the villagers, as well as most of the students, go to school using this bridge.

They covered the iron protrusions on the bridge with old clothes, cardboard and gravel so that the tires of the cars passing over the bridge would not explode.

Since the agricultural fields of the village are on the other side, heavy tonnage vehicles are forced to use this place.

But since 7-ton vehicles are restricted from the bridge, the residents cannot sell their crops to the market.

At present, it is dangerous even for small cars to pass.

Elshad Majidov, representative of the village's territorial district, told APA's southern bureau that the bridge was built in 1993 during the state farm period over Pensarchay, which divides Shiyekaran village with a population of 5300 people into two parts.

After a while, the floodwaters washed away the supports of the bridge.

Although the current repair works were carried out on the bridge several times, it again fell into a state of emergency.

The relevant authorities have been contacted since August of this year about the accident bridge.

Commissions from the relevant bodies came and reviewed, and documents were drawn up.

It was decided to build a new bridge here.

Elshad Majidov, representative of Shiyekaran village administrative territory district: "The new bridge will be 33 meters long and will be of reinforced concrete construction.

The bridge will consist of two parts and will be 8 meters wide.

We also conduct educational activities among the population.

We have instructed the residents who live in the neighborhood, near the iron bridge, to instruct the drivers of the large tonnage trucks that bring food products to the village shops, as well as citrus fruits from here, not to pass through here.

After applying to the district police department, they came and placed restrictive road signs."

It should be noted that the construction of the new bridge is planned for January 2023.