Huang Mingzhi (left) released a new song "Other People's Wife", and invited the goddess Aoi to sing as a surprise.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Malaysian ghost singer Huang Mingzhi released a new song "Other People's Wife" to pay tribute to Sora Aoi, the goddess who retired from the Japanese AV industry. He said: "I still remember when she announced her marriage. Stretched, weeping bitterly." Not only did she find the goddess to shoot the MV, Sora Aoi even sang in surprise.

Regarding the cooperation with the goddess, Huang Mingzhi said: "She has turned countless boys into men; now she has become someone else's wife... Today, I want to use this song to pay tribute to the eternal teacher Cang in our hearts."

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Sora Aoi changed into a nurse outfit and filmed Mingzhi Huang's MV.

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Sora Aoi made a surprise comeback. She played Huang Mingzhi's "teacher" in the MV. She changed into a variety of styles such as Bai Wugou, sportswear, and nurse uniforms. At the age of 41, her appearance has not changed much from the past, and she is still a goddess. .

Sora Aoi sang for Mingzhi Huang's new song.

(recapped from YouTube)

Sora Aoi and Mingzhi Huang filmed the MV. The two had many intimate interactions. The goddess even sang with Japanese lyrics: "Thank you for your love. I'm really sorry. Don't cry. Goodbye!" Confession.

After Mingzhi Huang's "Other People's Wife" MV was launched tonight, netizens had a lot of discussions and left messages: "It seems that there is an inexplicable touch, I hope Mr. Cang will have a happy marriage in the future", "I cried after listening to it." , "The goddess sings well", and I have full memories of "Teacher Cang".

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