The UPG national gas station network initiated the "Energy of Good" campaign.

The charity campaign started on the first day of winter.

According to its terms, part of the funds from each sold hot drink goes to help people who have suffered from the war.

UPG offers customers who stop by the gas station of the network to refuel with European-quality fuel or use an additional service, to become a part of a good cause: to multiply the energy of the good that thousands of Ukrainians need today.

All you need to do is buy your favorite coffee or any other hot drink at the UPG gas station.

"In the most difficult times, UPG is together with the country and every Ukrainian.

Every day we work to do everything possible to bring victory closer.

Our charitable initiative is about goodness.

What everyone is capable of and what millions of Ukrainians need today.

We offer our customers to warm themselves with their favorite hot drink at UPG and thereby help people who were forced to leave their homes.

The company will allocate funds for targeted assistance from its own profit from the sale of hot drinks.

At the front and in the rear, we all stand up for ourselves.

We fight at the limit of human capabilities, despite everything we continue to work, help those in need.

Our strength is in unity, that is why we, Ukrainians, are indomitable."

- said Marketing Director of UPG Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

Charitable funds within the scope of this initiative will be used by the gas station network to purchase medicines for ambulance teams, deliver food and heating equipment to places where they are urgently needed, restore the roofs of houses that came under enemy fire, etc.

Good will knock on the doors of our fellow citizens who have visited the occupation, residents of the frontline areas and families who have been forced to leave their homes in search of safety.

UPG will determine the needs of people who experienced all the horrors of war in cooperation with the territorial communities of the country.

The company said that "Energy of Good" is an open-ended charitable initiative: "We will change tools, supplement the initiative with new ideas and fight not only until complete victory, but also during an equally difficult period of reconstruction.

We will definitely overcome this darkness, because good always wins!"

All drinks from the UPG coffee menu are prepared according to classic world standards.

In their basis -

a coffee blend specially developed for the network and adapted to the taste preferences of Ukrainians.

Thanks to alternative power sources, the gas stations of the network work even during forced power outages.

So you can always take a hot drink with you in a themed mug or enjoy the moment by savoring coffee in a porcelain cup.