Wei Li'an will be the finale guest performer on December 10th of "2023 Taipei's Highest New Year's Eve Event".

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

[Reporter Wang Yingzhen/Taipei Report] Wei Li'an will be the finale guest of "2023 Taipei's Highest New Year City New Year's Eve Event" on December 10. He will attend the opening event today. He said that he will bring a well-prepared performance, and everyone can look forward to it together.

He is quite secretive about his wife's appearance. When asked whether he would consider disclosing his wife's appearance, he replied with a smile: "I am afraid that my wife's beauty will shock everyone!"

The "2023 Taipei's Highest New Year City New Year's Eve Event" hosted by the Taipei City Tourism and Communications Bureau kicked off today (1). Chen Zhiming, secretary general of the Taipei City Government, and Wei Li'an, a golden song talent, were invited to light up Taipei together. Wei Li'an also revealed the honeymoon with his wife Programs are being planned.

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Wei Li'an announced their marriage without warning in September this year. Although the two only exposed their photos together through illustrations, they can still feel the sweet bubbles. It is being planned, and the love between the two cannot be hidden.

If you have any questions, please contact the Taipei New Year's Eve official website.

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