Taichung's "Salt China" French restaurant has won one Michelin star for consecutive years. At the same time, restaurant manager Yu Peiling won the "Michelin Service Award". "is the design concept, presenting a fresh and luxurious flavor. Not only is the autumn and winter limited "signature squab" recommended by Michelin mixed with strawberry sauce leaping on the table, the female chef's favorite "Penghu soft silk" is also available in a different way this season.

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The female chef Li Yujun used the French word Trompe l'oeil "to lie to your eyes" to annotate the dishes this season, turning the traditional classics into a new look or taste. The new winter chef's selection taste set menu, each set is 5,880 yuan + 10 %.

The integrity of the cooking flavor is stacked by the acidity, which is the elegant interpretation of the chef. This season begins with "homemade "bamboo" koda cheese/cantaloupe/persimmon/honey", and the "Sun koda" with rocca cheese combined with osmanthus bamboo shoots "The new term reveals the heart of playfulness, replacing the lemon with the fermented juice of osmanthus bamboo shoots. It is an appetizer that uses liquid nitrogen to seal the flavors of cantaloupe and persimmon.

On the left is Li Yujun, the only Taiwanese female chef who has won one Michelin star consecutively, and on the right is Yu Peiling, the restaurant manager who has been certified by Michelin as "the strongest outside restaurant".

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Homemade "bamboo shoots" koda cheese/cantaloupe/persimmon/honey.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

"Sea Urchin Steamed Egg/Riz Soufflé/Sesame/Nori" regards French Riz soufflé as an indispensable supporting role. The rice is first boiled, then dried, and then fried to make the center of each Riz soufflé hollow. It brings a crispy and light taste, and it is paired with a Japanese-style steamed egg made of a lot of sea urchin. The crispy rice soufflé flavored with sesame and seaweed is added to bring a warm rice fragrance under the heat of the rich sea urchin steamed egg.

Sea urchin steamed egg/mishuffle/sesame/seaweed.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

The chef especially loves Penghu soft silk, and praised it highly: "Penghu soft silk is super delicious in the world", pure "Penghu soft silk rice grains/fried crispy balls/cheese sauce/lemongrass oil", the soft silk surface is made of hard skin Make a sauce, add mascarpone cheese to the sauce, mix well, chop it up, and finally mix it back with the rice-shaped soft silk. After the tomato clarified soup is poured on the fresh and sweet soft silk, it will enhance the taste.

Penghu soft rice grains/fried crispy balls/cheese sauce/lemongrass oil.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

"Lobster/Caviar/Green Apple/Asparagus/Lobster Mayonnaise/Fried Lobster Crackers", the chef was inspired by the common caterpillars on the balcony, pieced the crispy lobster meat into the shape of a caterpillar, served with caviar, green A small garden made of apple slices, asparagus, etc., highlights the fusion of flavors of different ingredients. In addition, Canadian lobster heads are fried in oil to make mayonnaise. The lobster meat after low-temperature cooking is decorated with a net lens effect, and the whole lobster is deconstructed and reassembled.

Lobster/caviar/green apple/asparagus/lobster mayonnaise/fried lobster fritters.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

"Royal Meat Pie/Eel/Duck Liver/Pork/Red Wine Onion Jam" overturns the common pork and liver fillings in country-style meat pies, adding local seasonal special ingredients, embellished with braided lines, two-color patterns and gold leaf embellishments Exhibits royal luxurious temperament, oily and refreshing.

There is another "Steamed cod roll with zucchini flower / zucchini sauce / creamy fish soup / sour bean sauce / green onion / fish skin" with zucchini flower as the main body, but the shape is not visible. Chef Li Yujun has used zucchini for many years The rhyme of the flower is transformed to obtain the best softness and hardness of the food wrapped in zucchini flower.

The appearance and ingredients of the time-consuming royal meat pie have been upgraded.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Steamed cod roll with zucchini flowers/ zucchini sauce/ creamy fish soup/ caper bean sauce/ shallots/ fish skin.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

The protagonist "roasted pigeon with longan wood/kohlrabi/strawberry beet juice/chestnut puree/black truffle/almond coffee slices" is a sauce made from beet juice and strawberries to add acidity and aroma. Interestingly, the structure under the pigeon Start with fresh fried burdock shreds, and roasted kohlrabi dipped in strawberry beet juice and red wine pigeon sauce; pigeon legs use the concept of Hong Kong-style char siew coated malt, and use coffee almond crisps to express the fun.

Another main course is "Longan wood-roasted Japanese Wagyu beef filet/fermented black truffle/onion/wrinkled cabbage".

The "Squab Pigeon" recommended by Michelin reviews, this winter is added with strawberry sauce, revealing a gorgeous momentum like a rare ruby ​​pigeon's blood red.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Wood-roasted Japanese Wagyu Beef Fillet with Longan. The meat is tender and melts in your mouth with red wine sauce.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Winter black truffles are at their most fragrant. For dessert, fresh truffles are used to make smooth and rich truffle ice cream. The rich fat of truffles and hazelnuts is paired with 64% ganache chocolate to reflect the delicacies buried under the earth. appearance.

Rich truffle ice cream with hazelnut aroma, very suitable for winter tasting.

(Photo/photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)


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