We have already talked about this reception and, in particular, about the image in which Mrs. Zelenska appeared at the event.

The first lady also shared her impressions of the visit to Buckingham Palace and communication with the wife of King Charles III.

Elena Zelenska and Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

"It is an honor for me to have a personal acquaintance with Her Majesty and the opportunity to tell what happened and is happening in our territories temporarily occupied by Russia, what terrible crimes the occupiers commit against our women and children. Ukraine is ready to contribute to international efforts to prevent violence in conflicts , which they face all over the world. Unfortunately, we have a painful experience in this matter. We are doing everything possible to overcome it with dignity and never tolerate it," Olena Zelenska emphasized.

The First Lady of Ukraine also visited the exhibition Russian War Crimes, where photos were collected that were taken all over Ukraine since the beginning of the war and illustrate Russian crimes, showing the faces and stories of Ukrainians affected by them.

Queen Camilla at a reception in Buckingham Palace / Photo: Associated Press

A day later, Olena Zelenska also met with King Charles III.

They visited the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile - the cathedral of the Diocese of the Holy Family in London of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The new Ukrainian Reception Center was officially opened there.

The First Lady met with employees, volunteers and families of displaced persons from Ukraine.

Elena Zelenska and King Charles III / Photo: Associated Press

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