On November 19, the eldest granddaughter of US President Joe Biden -


- got married.

The bridegroom was lawyer

Peter Neal

, to whom the girl was engaged from September 2021.

The wedding of Naomi Biden and Peter Neal / Photo: Getty Images

A magnificent wedding was played on the South Lawn of the White House.

The ceremony took place in the presence of about 250 guests.

Naomi walked down the aisle in a luxurious white Ralph Lauren lace dress with a long veil.

The wedding of Naomi Biden and Peter Neal / Photo: Getty Images

On this occasion, we decided to remember who else celebrated a wedding in the presidential residence.

According to the White House Historical Association, there have only been 18 documented weddings and four receptions (with vows taken elsewhere).

Not all of the photos and pictures taken during those holidays have survived to our days, but we still offer to look at some of them.

On June 2, 1886,

President Grover Cleveland


Frances Folse

in the Blue Room.

Cleveland is the only US president who married in the White House.

The wedding of US President Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom at the White House, Washington.

Pictured is mother of the bride Emma Folsom kissing her daughter after the ceremony / Photo: Getty Images

On February 17, 1906,

Alice Lee Roosevelt

– daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt – married Representative

Nicholas Longworth

of Ohio in the East Room.

President Theodore Roosevelt (right) with his daughter Alice and son-in-law Nicholas Longworth on the occasion of their wedding / Photo: Getty Images

Decorations for the wedding of Alice Roosevelt in the East Room of the White House / Photo: Getty Images

On December 9, 1967,

Linda Byrd Johnson

- daughter of President Lyndon Johnson and First Lady Claudia "Lady Byrd" Johnson - married Capt

. Charles S. Robb

in the East Room.

President Lyndon Johnson escorts his daughter Linda down the stairs before the wedding ceremony in the East Room of the White House / Photo: Getty Images

According to The Washington Post, Linda Robb said that there was no question about where she would get married, because it was only going to be the White House: "It's where I lived. It's a beautiful setting. It was an easy decision." she said.

Linda Johnson and Charles S. Robb cut their wedding cake / Photo: Getty Images

On August 6, 1966, another daughter of President Lyndon Johnson and First Lady Claudie, 


, got married .

Patrick Nugent

became the girl's wife

, but the wedding took place in the Temple of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, but the couple held the wedding reception in the White House.

Lucy Johnson and Pat Nugent cut the wedding cake at the White House as the President and First Lady look on / Photo: Getty Images

On June 12, 1971,

Tricia Nixon

, daughter of President Richard Nixon and First Lady Patricia Nixon, married

Edward Finch Cox

in the Rose Garden.

Edward Finch Cox walks his bride, Trisha Nixon, down the aisle following their wedding in the Rose Garden of the White House.

/ Photo: Getty Images

Trisha decided to make sure everyone knew about her wedding - documents from the Nixon Presidential Library include press releases detailing the wedding menu, tableware and wedding cake recipe.

500 journalists covered the wedding.

That evening, 110 million people - more than half of the US population - watched the telecast of the event.

President Nixon and the First Lady pose with the newlyweds, their daughter Trisha and son-in-law Edward Finch Cox, after their wedding in the Rose Garden / Photo: Getty Images

Two daughters of President Woodrow Wilson, administrator and adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, brother of Hillary Clinton, official White House photographer Pete Souza also played a wedding in the White House.

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