The style of old Hollywood

will always remain one of the most recognizable and luxurious.

And, despite the decades that have passed since the heyday of sound cinema, the actresses who played in those films still remain the most recognizable stars not only in their field, but also as style icons.

The 1930s and 1950s are considered the "Golden Age of Hollywood", but the 1940s were the peak of this period.

It was at this time that cinema began to take on the form we see it now, and beautiful actresses became superstars.

At that time, luxury, chic and shine were relevant.

Actresses on red carpets appeared in magnificent dresses, tall gloves and diamonds, and their outfits were made of satin, satin and silk, which shimmered in the light of the soffits.

Intricate styling with curls and red lipstick on the lips complemented the images.

Outerwear, both for events and in everyday life, was often fur - fur coats and capes.

Coats, double-breasted coats and trench coats were also in trend.

Gloves, hats or handkerchiefs, as well as muffs, must complement the image.

We decided to show how the main movie stars of the last century dressed, and collected several images that will help you look at the fashion of old Hollywood in the cold season.

Grace Kelly

Prince Rainier III of Monaco with actress Grace Kelly on the day their engagement was announced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1956.

Grace was wearing an ankle length dress, low heels and a fur coat.

The actress was holding a Hermes bag in her hand.

Photo: Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn often appeared outside the red carpet in plain clothes, and she preferred coats and fur coats for outerwear.

On February 25, 1956, the actress was photographed boarding an American Airlines flight to Hollywood.

The picture was taken in New York.

She was wearing a black fur coat, which Marilyn threw over her shoulders, and a black fitted dress.

Photo: Getty Images

Audrey Hepburn

This picture was taken on the Spanish Steps in Rome, when the actress was walking with one of her favorite Yorkshire terriers.

The photo was taken by the paparazzi in 1960.

Audrey is wearing an elegant double-breasted coat and shoes.

Her hair is gathered in a high hairstyle, and the outfit is complemented by a scarf around her neck and a handbag.

Photo: Getty Images

Sophia Loren

In December 1962, Sophia Loren and the producer Carlo Ponti, who was also her husband, were caught by the paparazzi in Paris.

Sophie was wearing a fur coat, a beret and a scarf around her neck.

Photo: Getty Images

Vivien Leigh

The famous actress, whom we remember well for the film "Gone with the Wind", was photographed in 1940, when she was walking down the street of London with her husband, actor Laurence Olivier.

The actress is dressed in a simple black coat, low shoes, gloves and tied a scarf on her head.

She has an elegant black clutch under her arm.

Photo: Getty Images

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