There are so many conflicting rumors surrounding the premiere of the documentary about the life of Meghan and Harry that we have already stopped hoping to finally see it.

Some anonymous insiders hint that a real bomb capable of shaking the foundations of the British monarchy will be detonated there, then, on the contrary, they say that all the sharp moments from the film have been cut out in a hurry and it is not known whether there will be anything left, except that we have already heard and know.

At one point, several sources said that the film will likely never be released because the Sussexes and Netflix producers can't work out all the legal issues.

However, the trailer did appear, and we think the film will be interesting.

Even the release date of the trailer has at least a promising look, in terms of the scandal.

It was released today, with all the attention of fans of the British monarchy on the Prince of Wales' first American tour in years.

Throwing high-profile information at the most inappropriate time for the British royal family is Meghan Markle's favorite tactic.

This technique was first used by Meghan at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, when the former actress turned all the attention to herself by announcing her first pregnancy.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle / Photo: Associated Press

Later, she used similar tricks more than once to seize leadership in the information field, for example, the announcement of leaving the royal family was made by the couple on the eve of Kate's birthday.

And the cover of the book about the couple, written allegedly from the words of close friends of Meghan and Harry, appeared on the Internet on the birthday of Princess Charlotte - daughter of William and Kate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle / Photo: Getty Images

As for the trailer itself, it features a lot of personal photos, with a few of Meghan crying being of particular interest.

King Charles III, Prince William, Princess Kate, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry / Photo: Getty Images

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