[Reporter Xu Shiying/Singapore Report] After the 2009 "Gemini Man", the director of "Taiwan Light" Ang Lee finally released the news of his new work. According to the exclusive report of the foreign media "Deadline", he will tell the story of the legendary Chinese action superstar Bruce Lee. The film is produced by 3000 Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, and the protagonist is his 32-year-old son Li Chun.

Li An (left), Li Chun.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Li Chun once participated in "Billy.

Lynn's Midfield War" does not have many scenes. It is understood that this father-son cooperation has been brewing for 3 years. Ang Lee replied: "Everything is still in the planning stage, but I am very happy that Sony supports and announces this plan. We I will do my best to make a good movie. Thank you for your concern.”

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Ang Lee told "Deadline": "Bruce Lee is widely accepted as not completely American or Chinese. He is a bridge between the East and the West, allowing the world to understand Chinese Kung Fu." He also described Bruce Lee as a A "fighting scientist" and "representative performance artist" who revolutionized martial arts and action movies, "I've always wanted to tell the story of this wonderful, unique individual: a man who longed to belong and only weighed 61 kilograms He possesses extraordinary power in his body, and through unremitting efforts, he can make impossible dreams come true."

"Deadline" also reported that Ang Lee has been preparing for the film for some time, and the production company 3000 Pictures said, "It is a great honor to help Ang Lee and his filming team. We believe that it will create an unparalleled event in the film industry." It is reported that Li Chun has been secretly training for 3 years during the epidemic. He was nominated for the Golden Horse Award last month. During the interview, he also mentioned that he was training for the new film. Li Chun's agent simply said, "Li Chun has been training in a low-key and hard way. For 3 years, in addition to kung fu and posture, there is also the language part, because he will need to speak Cantonese."

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