The features of the special protection regime of the Basitchay State Nature Reserve have become known.

APA reports that this was reflected in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers "On approving the Regulations of the Basitchay State Nature Reserve and the sanitary-protection zone of the Republic of Azerbaijan".

According to the decision, the following are prohibited in the territory of the Reserve, with the exception of important measures of special protection:

- construction of buildings and facilities, public roads, pipelines and other communication lines;

- carrying out geological exploration and various search works;

- use of surface and underground water to satisfy the water demand of agriculture, industry, hydropower, water transport and other economic needs;

- supply of firewood, supply of secondary forest resources, additional use of the forest and use of the forest for the needs of the hunting industry;

- using the plant world for economic purposes, as well as for hay and pasture;

- hunting and fishing, as well as the use and hunting of animals not related to hunting and fishing objects for economic purposes;

- application of any chemical, biological and physical impact on the environment;

- collecting collections, carrying out scientific research without special permission by separating plants and animals from their natural environment;

- entering the territory of the Reserve without special permission;

- any other activity that threatens the natural state of natural complexes and objects.

Employees of scientific institutions and organizations, teachers and students of relevant higher schools are allowed to conduct scientific research works, conduct scientific experiments and other relevant works according to the work plan of the Reserve in the order provided by normative legal acts.

Basitchay State Nature Reserve will be protected by its security service.

The Director of the Reserve will lead this work.