During the trip, Ms. Zelenska had several meetings, in particular, she attended a reception at Buckingham Palace and talked with Queen Camilla.

Elena Zelenska and Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

Also, the first lady was scheduled to speak before the parliament of the United Kingdom.

In her speech, Mrs. Olena compared the bombing of Ukraine by the Russian aggressor with the bombing of Great Britain by the Nazis during the Second World War.

"You did not give up. We will not give up. But we need not only victory. We need justice. I came to you precisely for it - for justice, with which this war should end in the same way as that war ended. It was impossible to imagine that after they will be left unpunished for all the crimes of the Nazis. We can't imagine it either. We also want justice for our people, against whom Russian missile raids are directed," the first lady said.

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Publication by Olena Zelenska (@olenazelenska_official)

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During her speech, the first lady showed footage of Ukrainian cities cut off as a result of Russian shelling and photos of people who are forced to look for electricity and heat.

In particular, she showed a photo of a girl whose parents brought her to a gas station in Kyiv to be able to turn on her inhaler.

The photo of this girl was also published on social networks by Maksym Galkin, it caused a lot of noise among commentators, mainly Russian.

Also, in her speech, Olena Zelenska focused on the facts of numerous rapes of Ukrainians by the Russian invaders.

This topic was the focus of her speech yesterday at the PSVI Conference on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict.

"Everywhere in the liberated cities and communities after the escape of the Russian army, torture chambers set up by the occupiers are found. Thousands of their crimes are documented, including crimes of sexual violence. We know that the youngest girl who was raped by the Russian occupiers is four years old. The oldest victim is 85 years old. These are the identified victims. How many are there that we don't know about yet?"

- added Olena Zelenska.

The First Lady called on the British Parliament and the government to lead a global effort to establish a special tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In particular, to promote the adoption of the resolution of the UN General Assembly prepared by Ukraine on the creation of a special tribunal regarding the crime of aggression of the Russian Federation against our country - by analogy with the St. James Declaration of the Second World War, when a document was signed on January 13, 1942, which recorded the will to prosecute all those guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.

The Nuremberg Tribunal was subsequently held on this basis.

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Publication by Olena Zelenska (@olenazelenska_official)

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"Today I ask you - no more, no less - to become a world leader of justice. For Ukraine, but also for the world! Because justice is needed not only by us and all our victims. It is needed so that the world continues to live according to the values ​​of humanism, not law strong, as the invader would like. Justice is needed for the whole world to survive," the President's wife emphasized.

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