Li Binggui, the 5th generation descendant of the Li family of Lukang traditional woodcarving, was awarded the "National Craftsmanship Achievement Award".

(Courtesy of Craft Center)

[Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] Li Binggui, a Lukang artist who has devoted himself to woodcarving for nearly sixty years and embodies the pinnacle of craftsman spirit, won the 2022 National Craft Achievement Award.

The "National Arts and Crafts Achievement Award" was sponsored by the National Taiwan Arts and Crafts Research and Development Center. After rigorous preliminary and final reviews, the jury unanimously approved that Li Binggui won the award, affirming his unremitting dedication to woodcarving and his dedication to craft creation, research, and restoration. , Inheritance and other multi-faceted achievements and contributions.

Art master Li Binggui was born in the 38th year of the Republic of China. He is the fifth generation successor of the Li family of traditional woodcarving in Lukang.

The rich cultural background shown in his craft creations originated from Lukang, the place where he grew up. The ancient cultural town of Lukang has rich customs, folk rituals and local beliefs, and it is the living water source for Li Binggui to absorb cultural nutrients at any time.

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Taking Lukang culture as his teacher, he has gone through stages of multi-faceted learning, integration, transformation, and innovation in his creative process. He incorporates contemporary thinking and personal understanding into traditional classics, and freely deduces through multiple creative themes, opening up a new look in the development of traditional woodcarving; Emphasis is placed on the technical and artistic research of traditional woodcarving and chiseling, from spatial composition to actual execution, presenting a detailed carving aesthetic and a comprehensive pattern.

In addition to creation, art master Li Binggui also actively participates in the restoration work, promotes the research and transmission of craftsmanship, not only upholds the principle of faithful restoration, reconnects restored objects with past history, materials, techniques and styles, embodies the restoration knowledge and ethics of cultural assets, but also With a humble understanding of the original work, he continues the sustainable life of craftsmanship with his true spirit and professional restoration skills.

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